I was just wondering if there was a way I could test if a player is having lag issues while playing. This is a very important feature, because players that are lagging are susceptible to a false ban by the command block anticheat. I am trying things out such as setting their Alive score to 0, and adding 1 to it every tick, I”ve also tried this with the Alive objective being stat.timeSinceLastDeath

I thought this would work, because when a the player/server is lagging, the scores don”t properly add/set. (not just client side, also server side) I guess the real question is: How can I test if a player”s objective score stops incrementing? Because, in theory, if the player”s score stops incrementing, then they or the server are lagging.

Đang xem: How to check ping minecraft


As far as i now, the scoreboard is completly server side. So you cant check if the player is lagging.

You can see how good the ping of a player is by pressing tab.

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There is a way seeing the exact ping of a player is kind of hard:

Look into the server console a search for the ip of the player

Once you have ping the player by typing ping (on windows) Bytes=32 Time

Hope it helped a little bit.


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