I am curious, is there a means you deserve to find out just how many hrs of play time you have clocked in WOW, Either in complete, or by character / realm?

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the answer is practically absolutely "too many" – Seamus Aug 4 "10 at 11:57

I carry out know that there’s no means to successfully use this number in an argument via your spousage. – Paul D. Waite Jul 25 "11 at 10:51
Now, discover the average for exactly how much you spend per day. Divide that by the /played, and also you should gain just how many type of days invested playing the average. Then, divide that by 31, and also multiply the answer to that by 15. Then, you can see exactly how many kind of days, months, and how much money you have spent. – Shadow Z. Mar 11 "15 at 3:18

For your individual character playtime just kind /played whenever before you are logged in. Tbelow are likewise a couple of addons obtainable that execute this every time you log in through a character and also give you a nice overview (I believe "Altoholic" was among them - can"t examine appropriate now).

This is the easiest method to perform it, honestly. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover any type of personalities you've deleted. – TheQ Aug 4 "10 at 13:29

it is the scariest command in the totality game! – Mark Robinboy Aug 16 "10 at 8:59
Altoholic Yeah, it totals each toon's /played. You'll need to log right into each one prior to it "knows" around them. – Brandon Sep 1 "10 at 0:04
Imaging what you could have actually done with your life knowing that you have consumed (or wasted) 30 days of your life, (in my case i have actually played that much). And that's 24 hours a day. Not elapsed time. I understand some people have racked up 300 days! – angryITman Sep 4 "10 at 12:33

AllPlayed is a nice addon that keeps record and summarizes the playtime of each of your characters. – speakr Jul 29 "12 at 22:58

Some addons (Carbonite for one) will certainly add up all the times on all the characters you"ve played on, so you acquire one substantial number.

What it will not execute is multiply that by your hourly wage to see how much money you lost playing it. For me, I"m in the thousands of thousands shed...

This answer adds nothing which isn't spanned in even more information by other answers. – Studoku Mar 11 "15 at 1:29

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