Playing on a public Minecraft server has actually constantly had actually the threat of players griefing each various other. While tright here are servers where griefing and also PvP are motivated, the average player likes to have a spot wbelow their treasures and also buildings are preserved safe. Fortunately, server owners can permit world to insurance claim their own pnumerous land also using a basic plugin on the server.

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Best Land also Claim Plugin for Minecraft

The finest land case plugin for Minecraft is the “LandClaiming” plugin made by Bukkit. This plugin enables players to regulate their own claims so that they aren’t constantly having to ask the server owner or a moderator to execute it for them. Mods deserve to set ways wright here players can earn even more land also to case.


The plugin not only allows human being to claim land, however it provides them the option of giving various other particular players access to that land also. Players deserve to also uncase their land if they decide to move to a various location on the map.

What Does the LandClaiming Plugin Do?

The LandClaiming plugin permits players on a Minecraft server to claim a plot of land that cannot be griefed in any kind of way. This consists of the following:

Other players will not be able to set a fire that spreads onto asserted landOther players will certainly not have the ability to pour lava on asserted landAnimals and plants cannot be eliminated, relocated, or harvestedGates and also chests cannot be opened up.Push buttons and also levers can’t be set off.Players cannot be eliminated on their land also.Trees cannot be reduced down on other’s claimed land also.Only the owner can mine or build on their land.

How Much Land also Can You Claim on a Minecraft Server

With the LandClaiming plugin, you will start out through a 9x9 block room (81 blocks) that you can case via a chest. Depfinishing on the server, you will be able to earn even more land with gameplay, donations, or other actions.

How to Claim Land on a Minecraft Server

To make your initial land claim with the LandClaiming plugin, you will certainly need to do the following:

Step 1: Travel to the land that you wish to claim. The location need to be unclaimed and also not on defended server land.

Step 2: Determine which location you desire to case. You will be able to initially case a 9x9 block plot.

Tip 3: Place a chest in the facility of the plot you wish to case. This activity will certainly automatically case the plot in your name.

How to Expand also a Land also Claim on a Minecraft Server

Depfinishing on the server, you will certainly have the ability to earn more blocks by playing the game. Here is how you deserve to expand your land also insurance claim once you have actually sufficient additional blocks:

Step 1: Get a golden shovel. Many kind of servers who have actually the plugin will also have a kit that has actually a golden shovel for your convenience. If not, you will have to make one at your crafting table.

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Step 2: Hit the ground at your land also case through your golden shovel in your hand. The boundaries of your land claim should light up around you.

Tip 3: Go to one of the corners of the area you want to expand and also tap the corner block. Move to the block that you desire to be your brand-new corner and also tap it through your gold shovel. If you have enough land also claim, the corner have to relocate. If you don’t, you will be given a message on just how many type of even more blocks you’ll must expand also to that spot.


How to Make a Second Land also Claim on a Minecraft Server

While you make your initially land also insurance claim via your initially chest placement, if you want to make an additional claim in the same people, you will require a gold shovel and also added points. Here is exactly how it is done:

Tip 1: Tap your gold shovel on the ground you wish to claim. An area should automatically generate approximately you.

Step 2: Tap a edge of your new land insurance claim to expand it.

Step 3: Walk to where you desire your new edge and also tap the ground aacquire to finalize the insurance claim.

How to Uncase Land also on a Minecraft Server

To uncase land also in your Minecraft server, you will certainly must go to the land you desire to uncase and kind in the following command: /abandoninsurance claim. This have to remove the claim on your land, allowing you to have additional blocks to insurance claim in other places on the server.

How to Give Access to a Minecraft Server Land Claim

If you want to allow another player to have access to your land, you have the right to add them to your trust list. To do this, you will certainly must enter the adhering to command: /trust (username). In the future, if you choose to disenable the perchild to use your land also, you will certainly must usage the command also /untrust (username).

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Using the LandClaiming plugin creates safe spots on your server that allows individuals to have areas wright here they can grow without worrying around being griefed. These are excellent alternatives for PvP servers wright here human being want to gather products to develop armor without the are afraid of losing it.

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