How execute you clear all item drops in Minecraft? I desire to have something triggered by an Item landing on a golden pressure plate, but It deserve to only be caused as soon as. Is tright here any kind of command block command that gets rid of all entities?

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which will kill all dropped items in the human being. However, there are slightly much better ways of doing this. Namely, just clear items within a radius of x blocks from the command block. This preserves drops in other places, however still gets rid of the first item:


Additionally, if you desire to ensure that somepoint have the right to just be triggered when, place an input stabilizer on it:


This tool will "lock" the redrock state to ON, even after the item is rerelocated. It cannot be re-triggered unmuch less you manually break the redrock.

You have the right to expand also on this by only making it hold one pulse if so necessary.

e – pppery Jul 29 "19 at 20:22
It's way also unparticular and requirements a lot more clarity. Look at the optimal answer for this post, that is an excellent example. – Kingsley Zhong Jul 15 "17 at 20:01

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