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This WoW Transmogrification guide covers the basis and popular questions about the updates coming to the Wardrobe System! Check out our Transmog Hub to learn more about tools to help you create your perfect outfit.

Click this link to read about upcoming Shadowlands transmog changes below!

What is Transmog?

Transmogging allows players to replace gear items appearance that with the look of a different item. Some players go to great lengths to collect items to add to their collection so that they can always fit a theme or style, mismatch horribly or match from head to toe all the time. Other players enjoy changing their transmog based on many things, perhaps they got a new weapon and they want to complement that with their gear fitting the same color theme, or perhaps change it to be entirely all pink during the love is in the air event. For whatever reason, people really do love transmogging, however ever since the feature was introduced in patch 4.3 Cataclysm the bags and banks of players have become encumbered with…everything…At this point we could probably start a show called "Warcraft: Transmog Hoarders". Adopting bits from the same system in Diablo 3, with a few little touch ups to to make it work even better in Warcraft, this system was one of the many positive features of Legion.

There is a Wardrobe tab in Collections which opens up your collection of appearances. You can see items for a particular slot at once, filter by different sources, and sort by what you have/what you”re missing.

How Do I Transmog my Gear?

Since the Legion pre-expansion patch, you can access the new transmog system.Go to a transmog NPC in major cities and click on them to open up the transmog window.The transmog window is similar to the existing window with a paperdoll and slots you click on to apply transmog. However, it is greatly expanded with your wardrobe collection on the right-hand side.The transmog window also now includes the option to save outfits.You must be by an NPC to transmog and change your appearances, but you can browse your collection anywhere just by opening up your tab.

Transmog Changes By Expansion


From level 1-9, characters can only use Vanilla appearances. However, from level 10 to 48, players can transmog their gear using appearances all the way up to Battle for Azeroth! At 48, the player can then transmog Shadowlands appearances.In Shadowlands, players can transmog each shoulder to a different transmog appearance.You can hide one of the shoulder transmog appearances instead of hiding them both.Players can mix and match Legion artifact appearances of different class specializations to their weapons! With these new rules, you are able to transmog any artifact appearance from your class, as long as it follows normal weapon transmog rules (i.e. 1-hand to 1-hand, 2-hand to 2-hand, etc). This means that while you can transmog your own spec artifact regardless of your weapon, you still must follow normal weapon transmog rules for Artifact from other specs of your class.Druids can head to any barber shop and choose their Bear and Cat Form appearances separately from their character’s hair or fur color. This addition to the Barber Shop services will also include the option to select Bear and Cat Form Artifact appearances so all Druid specs can have the choice to shapeshift into their unlocked Artifact appearances and allow Guardian and Feral Druids to have more choices with weapon transmogs when choosing their Artifact forms.Druids can change their aquatic, flying, and travel forms at the barber shop, meaning they will not need to keep overriding glyphs.

Shadowlands Transmog Level Range Breakdown
At level 1 you can transmog to appearances found on gear requiring up to level 9 to equip.
Transmog Sets up to 9- all Vanilla appearances.
At level 10 you can transmog to appearances found on gear requiring up to level 48 to equip.
Transmog Sets up to 48 -includes all of the transmog from Vanilla wow up to Battle for Azeroth
At level 49 you can transmog to appearances found on gear requiring up to level 60 to equip.
Transmog Sets up to 60 – all Shadowlands styles.

Battle for Azeroth

Artifact Weapons are available for transmogrification.You can transmog an artifact weapon over any weapon type for that spec. For example, a Fire Mage with a staff can get the 1H Sword/Offhand visuals of Felo”melorn.Druids can transmog into their Guardian and Feral artifact forms via a drop-down menu at the transmogrifier.When you transmog to Aluneth, Xal”atath, or Skull, the weapon will whisper to you.

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Entering a dungeon or raid that is trivial for you (i.e.: your character is more than 10 levels higher than the dungeon or raid’s intended level) will activate a “legacy loot mode.” That loot mode will work like this:
The number of items dropped by bosses will be the same as it would have been if you were in a full party. So if you’re in a 5-player dungeon, you’ll get 5 players’ worth of loot.For raids with a flexible raid size (such as Raid Finder), this will act as though there were 20 players in the raid.All items on the loot table will have a chance to drop, not just the ones that are designated for your spec.If you have multiple players in the group, the loot will be split among those players, but be tradeable. For example, if you’re clearing with one other player and kill a boss that should drop 4 items, you’ll each be able to pick up two items and trade them between each other if you like.

Announced in the Blizzcon Battle for Azeroth Q&A, Fist Weapons will now be transmoggable into other 1H weapons.The reputation requirement for transmogrification of armor, weapons and tabards has been removed and are now account wide. You need the reputation still to unlock the apperance, however no longer need the reputation to use the appearance. This means, you can use them on alts! Other rules still apply, such as minimum levels and armor restrictions. You can read about it more here.


New transmog slots: Shirts, Tabards, and Weapon Illusions.Shoulders can be hidden. The options to hide helms and capes are now moved to Transmog NPCs, not UI options.Many low-level mail rewards, intended for Warriors and Paladins, have been converted to plate. Some appearances may now be available to different classes.Appearances are now account-wide.Sets have been added to more easily collect dungeon, raid, and PvP sets for your class. Collecting these sets awards the Azeroth”s Next Top Model achievement and title.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you still need to pay gold for transmogging?

Yes. Early in Alpha it seemed you could transmog anywhere you were no matter what by just opening the transmog pane. This has since changed and while you can still open the wardrobe and see what items you have and see what they look like and make outfits, it doesn”t transmog the gear from this window. You need need to visit the transmog vendor or the transmog vendor mount.

Is it true that we have to visit a transmogger in order to hide helm and cloak now?

Yes, in order to hide helm, cloak, and now shoulders, you will need to visit the transmog vendor and hide them through that. You won”t be able to hide them through the interface options anymore.

When you buy items or pick up items, how do you know that if it gets added to the Wardrobe?

For new items you get a prompt in your chat window.

Does the new wardrobe system help look up items?

Yes. If you go through the wardrobe and there is a helm you like the look of, it will show you what that helm is, where it can be found and what items share the same look.

Saving "outfits" is also a new feature. Do "outfits" get shared across character?

As of this post, No. When you save an outfit on one character it only stays on that character.

What are "Transmog Sets"? How do they work?

Transmog Sets will be in a new tab in the Transmog UI. These will help you keep track of which sets you have collected for your class and spec. You will be able to scroll through PvE and PvP sets for your class to see which sets and items from sets you”ve collected and which you haven”t. Mousing over items from a set that you haven’t collected will also indicate whether the item is a world drop, available from a vendor, or a boss drop as well as display other items that are using the same appearance.

Are ALL sets included in the Set Tab in game?

No. The basic Raid and PvP sets are in the UI but not as extensive as here on On the site, you”ll have a much more extensive collection to view including recolours and lookalike sets. Additionally, the in game UI will not include sets such as sets from dungeons, questing, crafted armor, or classic world drops.

What items are added to my Appearance Tab? What restrictions are there?

Here will will go over a few common questions that players have involving the new system, and even go through some questions that have been answered before just to help refresh the memory.

Will I have to re-collect transmog items that I already have in my bank or inventory in order for it to be added to the wardrobe?

Nope. Any items you have in your inventory will be added to the wardrobe and you will not have to re-collect anything that you are currently holding on to.

What about quest items?

Any quests that you did in the past or in Shadowlands, if the quest presented you with choosing either an axe, sword, or shield, then the wardrobe will register all 3 of those items. So that that includes the one you picked as well as the ones you did not choose.

So I can”t unlock a tier item in my wardrobe that isn”t for my class?

Correct. However many tiers have look-a-like items in the same raid and different color variations. So if you can collect and equip the look-a-likes then you can essentially get the tier items. This doesn”t hold true for older raid tiers since those are much more unique. A notable exception is Tier 3 armor acquired via the Black Market Auction House–that armor was not class-specific at the time it was created, and it would be unfair to restrict it in Shadowlands.

What about things we can”t equip?

Short answer, No. Long answer, essentially let”s say you play a Death Knight. If a quest reward offers you a shield, or you loot a shield, that shield will not be added to your wardrobe.

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If you cannot equip the item, it will not be added. That being said, even if a Death Knight can equip a cloth helm, it still will not be added to your wardrobe because it is not meant for your class, at the same time, the if you got Class:Warrior tier, it still won”t count. So to clarify, you must be able to equip the item, it must be of your primary armor type, and it must be able to be obtainable and equipped by your class. Once these terms are met, then the item will be added to your wardrobe.

So is the system account wide?

Basically yes. However that is if the items were added to the wardrobe. If you are a Deathknight and found a wand, it means it did not get added to the wardrobe, so when you log on your Mage, it will not be available to you. However, if you have obtained a sword, then when you log on a Warrior, that sword is available in the wardrobe for you. Tabards and shirts, for example, are account-wide.

How about items with the "Cosmetic" classification?

Anything that reads "Cosmetic" on the item will unlock in the wardrobe across all of your characters.

Warlord”s completed all gold challenge modes. What happens with the weapon appearances?

If you completed all gold challenge modes, you will be able to purchase Arsenal: Draenor Challenger”s Armaments for 3,000 gold. Using this item will unlock all the weapon appearances in your wardrobe account wide.

And how about Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode Gear?

As of this post, those stay the same in regards to only the class/character you obtained the gear can wear it. However, there are new versions that came out in Legion that look similar but have a couple noticeable changes, such as color, shoulders, and no effects.

Can you transmog over your new artifact weapon?

Yes. You are able to transmog your older favorite weapons and change your artifact weapons.

How about Reputation items? Like Laughing Skulls masks that are Cosmetic or Ashran gear?

In patch 8.1 of Battle for Azeroth this was changed so there are no longer reputation requirements on transmog appearances. For example, your main has obtained the Wrynn”s Vanguard Tabard, now your Alliance alts can also transmog their tabards to that appearance! You can read more about it here.

Do white items or gray items that get added to the wardrobe?

Only items that are marked as Cosmetic. The remaining items will not be added, but their appearances will be added if you collect an uncommon, rare, or epic item with that look.

What about holiday items?

Starting in patch 7.2, many holiday cosmetic items were flagged as Cosmetic, meaning they now can be transmogged to! You can find more info on that change here. Some of the inclusions were Winter Veil socks, Midsummer crown, and the Pilgrim”s Hat.

Shirts and Tabards were added to the transmog group. Do they work the same as gear transmog or do you need to equip them?

For items that are Bind on Equip, which are many shirts, you need to equip them in order to learn the appearance. Tabards are BoP and their appearance will be added as soon as you obtain the item.

We know about deleted quest reward items being added retroactively. How about items that are crafted from patterns that are no longer obtainable?

Deleted appearances related to only the questing system will be added retroactively to the Wardrobe.

If one item has 2-3 color variations, will collecting one of the items, unlock all color variants?

No other color variants will be unlocked if you collect one color. If you collect the red color, then you only unlock the red color, not the blue or green.

Warlocks used to save weapons for their Felguard, does this effect the Wardrobe at all? Or will we have to continue to save weapons in our bags like how current live is?

Warlocks will need to continue to hold onto those weapons. Same as it is on live currently.

Can I highlight the appearances I like the most?

Yes! You can set your most beloved appearances as Favorite in the transmog menu by right clicking the appearance and selecting “Favorite”. Doing so will make those appear first in the appearance listings.

Is there a level requirement for transmogging some items?

As of this post Yes. There are a few items that appear with a red boarder and a level requirement.

Can I transmog an item even if I am too low level to equip it on an alt?

Yes- the level ranges mimic the level scaling ranges added in 7.3.5. Here is the level breakdown:

Battle for Azeroth Expansion
At level 1 you can transmog to appearances found on gear requiring up to level 60 to equip.
Transmog Sets up to 60 – includes Tier 1 and 2
At level 58 you can transmog to appearances found on gear requiring up to level 80 to equip.
Transmog Sets up to 80 – includes Black Temple and Icecrown Tier
At level 80 you can transmog to appearances found on gear requiring up to level 90 to equip.
Transmog Sets up to 90 – includes MoP Challenge Mode set
At level 90 you can transmog to appearances found on gear requiring up to level 100 to equip.
Transmog Sets up to 100 – includes WoD Challenge Weapons
At level 98 you can transmog to appearances found on gear requiring up to level 110 to equip.
Transmog Sets up to 110 – all Legion styles

How Can Help with Transmog?

How can I see gear models? has a unique 3D modelviewer which allows you to preview any piece of gear. You can view an item, or group of items, by hitting "View 3D" on item, itemset, and transmog set pages. You can preview your character”s complete appearance using the Dressing Room. You can also select the default race/gender on the modelviewer under User Settings.

How can I see weapon models?

You can now filter weapons in the database and view them in gallery mode at the same time on the new Weapon Transmog page!

For example if you want to see epic One-Handed Swords that can drop from trash and bosses from Ulduar, on the left side you would add a new filter "Drops in… (Zone)" and "Ulduar", and on the right side you would select "One-Handed Swords" and "Epic".

What appearances perfectly match each other?

The Transmog Set Database shows gear that exactly matches in game, ranging from raid sets to BoEs. While not the most creative, this is a good first step to find gear.

What goes well with my unique piece of armor or weapon?

The "Transmogrified with" tab on any item or transmog set page will show the top 4 matches from, organized by important slots, for that item. For example, all transmog sets will offer weapon suggestions, while belt pages will recommend matching pants. This is great for weapons or capes, which are not part of official transmog sets.

The "Outfits" tab on any item or transmog set page will link to user-created outfits that use a particular item.

How can I create my own outfit on my character and share it?

Go to the Dressing Room and there will be options to add gear for each slot, or modify your character”s appearance. To preview gear coming in a future patch, visit the Shadowlands version of the page.

When you are logged in, hitting the "Save" option on the Dressing Room page will save it to the Outfit section.

How can I browse interesting outfits for inspiration?

The Outfits section is a collection of user-submitted transmog sets. You can filter them by class, race, and gender and browse them by image gallery.

How can I see what all gear for a particular slot looks like?

When browsing a filtered list in the items database, hit the "Gallery" option before the long list of items. This will bring up pictures of each image, and you can click on them to open each in the modelviewer.

How can I see what gear shares an appearance, or has the same look across colors?

The "Same Model As" tab on any item page will show images of other items that have an identical appearance, both of the same color or other colors.

How can I find exactly what transmog appearance I am looking for?

With Patch 7.2, we”ve improved searching for outfits on by renaming some outfits to follow Blizzard”s naming conventions. These naming changes were made so you could look at a set in-game and then find it easily on

All The Things – Transmog Addon

All The Things is an addon made to help obsessive World of Warcraft collectors. ATT supports tracking of appearances, illusions, mounts, pets, toys, music rolls, and titles. In addition to showing you items you have already collected, ATT will let you know what you still need to collect – you can view raid and dungeon drops, world event and achievement rewards, vendors, rares, quests, and more.

How To Use:
To configure ATT, click the minimap icon or type /att. The main settings page has overall display and database options- essentially “How many things do you want to see?” From here, you can choose whether you want to enable ATT tooltip information, whether you want to see or hide collected items, and whether you want to run on Completionist/hardcore mode, Unique/casual mode (uncheck the “Completionist” box), or if you want to tell ATT that you only care about your main.

There are more detailed options in the “Filters” section, where you can choose specific things to track. From here, you can filter out specific armor types you’re uninterested in collecting, music rolls if you don’t want to re-collect them on your alts, recipes if you don’t care about professions, and much more. There are also lots of options here for filtering out unobtainable items (old rewards from Blizzard promotions, gear that was removed, things that are only available on the Black Market Auction House or Blizzard In-Game Store, and even Elite/Gladiator gear from PvP).

Download link:

If you have an issue or suggestion, or need help with something then make you can join All The Things discord server using this link:

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