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You are all set to play Minecraft, things get whacky when you cannot think of a good Minecraft username. We are here to help!

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Minecraft is an award-winning videogame developed by Markus Presson, a Swedish game developer. It is much like a videogame in a sandbox because the player can create, modify, and destroy his or her surroundings.

The game offers a variety of building blocks for the player to develop within a vibrant 3D world. Other than just building, there are other activities included like planning, exploring, resource gathering, health maintenance, and combat. It is an environment conducive to creative learning for children and is used for educational purposes in its education edition.

This game has gained substantial social media clout. There has been numerous parodies, adaptations, and has inspired a line of widely sold merchandise. Minecraft has launched its very own convention called MineCon.

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There have been over 176 Million copies of this game sold worldwide on various platforms. This massive franchise with hundreds of millions of users all over the world works by making your account by signing up. For this purpose, you need a username.

Minecraft usernames

If you are playing this game on your Xbox, your Xbox gamer tag will be your Minecraft username. However, if you are playing Minecraft: Java Edition on your PC or Mac, you would need a killer username that depicts your personality amply and connects you to the right kind of fellow miners.

Picking a good Minecraft username is essential to how you want to project and perceive yourself.

Here are some of the requirements in creating a Minecraft username!

  • You should have at least 3 to 16 characters in your username.
  • Both upper and lowercase character from A to Z can are okay.
  • Numbers from 0 to 9 are up for grabs.
  • The only special character allowed is _ (underscore)

You can change your username after every month. Your username will be there for 37 days. So, if you want to go back to your old username within one week, you can do it without it getting occupied by anyone else.

Do you know what takes the pressure off and encourage you to play more freely? The fact that Minecraft has no specific goals for the players to accomplish. You can choose how you want to play. The main idea is to place blocks over one another to materialize your imagination.

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You can have your player move with freedom. However, the blocks have to be placed on planning your surroundings over a grid. You can gather a particular type of blocks that can be placed elsewhere, allowing you to construct wherever you want.

Doesn’t it sound fun and interesting? Now if you wish to play this game, here are some attractive, fresh, fun and unique Minecraft username ideas for you.

Usernames for Girls

  • BolckLady2000
  • BlockBunny
  • FatHippo
  • Blocks&Hoops
  • DameDaBlocker
  • MadameMiner
  • BloxBabe
  • Dragonira
  • ButterBlocker
  • Light_Kite
  • BlockBallerina
  • FingerFlint
  • Flavoredia
  • Vaporina
  • Blue_Escape
  • Hagra_Aska
  • Thumblina_Mines
  • Hyper_Oxigirl
  • Raven_Haired
  • Miner_Kitty
  • Autumn_Blocker
  • Sancastle_Starlet
  • YellowGirl
  • BrownBlockerGirl
  • PradaDevil
  • MadMinerPrincess
  • GirlBoss
  • GhostBuilder
  • Hoodie4Sustainance
  • BarbaricBabe
  • JustLibby
  • KillerKristy
  • Kiwi_Green
  • Fanta_Static
  • Destroyer_Dame
  • Seafood_Bisque
  • Skinny_Skimmer
  • GucciGirl
  • BlockingBeaut
  • RandoMiner
  • DragonScaleDame
  • Plastic_Panacota
  • SantasSorry
  • Extreme_Explorer
  • TumblrJunkie
  • Winter_Worrior
  • CactusFlower
  • Pizzona_Calza

Usernames for Boys

  • Tallismanto
  • FightKnight
  • Wolf_Miner
  • BroBlox
  • GalaxyMiner
  • Jr_Knows_Karate
  • Bar_Keep_Br0
  • Gamer_Junkie
  • FriendlyNeighborhoodBlocker
  • MineUrBusiness
  • CalousHandConstructor
  • CeviceMaker
  • CasseroleMonster
  • Sparky_Sport
  • Luke_Skywalker
  • Chromo_Blox
  • Clumsy_Clown
  • Cakey_Miney
  • Men_At_Work
  • Mickey_Miner
  • Formaldehyde_Farmer
  • Forlifectac
  • Sandbox_Stan
  • BeachBuilder
  • BuildEdit
  • Floor2Ceiling
  • Homie_Hound
  • Intrastellar_miner
  • Iwant2Build
  • Mine_Mimosa
  • Mars_Miner
  • Megamind_Miner
  • Crafter007
  • Number1erfi
  • Planet_Minecraft
  • PowerWalker
  • Pragon_Craft
  • PrestigeBlocker
  • Unstoppable101

These are some of the interesting Minecraft username ideas. Now that we have the username problem out of the way, nothing can stop you from building your own little world in Minecraft.

Mine away!

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