I perform not consider Axe a large risk because he works just against particular lineups. Let’s analyze the best heroes to counter him and also the items you have to prioritize.

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Axe is normally played as an offlaner. If you counter him in the lane, he won’t have actually the opportunity to get regular added gold from the nearby neutral camps. The case was various before the consecutive nerfs that impacted the jungle: many type of offlaners can just abandon the lane and still earn nearly as a lot gold and suffer.

7.14 slightly raised his motion speed by 5 (which was nerfed in 7.13b) and also rescaled the mana price of Battle Hunger. The latter is almost negligible bereason the capacity is awful - you can’t maximize it in the at an early stage game and count on a DoT (damages over time) that deserve to be removed by a solitary last hit.

Axe needs expensive alters to acquire back right into the meta as now tright here are many type of stronger heroes who have the right to be played in the offlane and also cover his function. In April, he was one of the leastern played heroes in competitive via only 6 matches.

The instance is entirely various in pubs wbelow his win price varieties from 53% to 55%, and also he continues to be a popular pick at the majority of ranks: he is played in 16% of the games approximately Crusader, 9% at Legfinish, and also 5% at Divine.

Low ranked players seldom recognize exactly how to behave actually against Axe, hence he can be deployed in a lot of games and still succeed, while at better ranks he percreates well only versus certain heroes.

Suggested items

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

The finest item for a assistance. If you usage Cyclone on Axe after he taunted your team, it will prevent any type of damages from Counter Helix and the Blade Mail - note that the heroes captured will still be affected by the disable.

Axe have the right to respond to this move via the Black King Bar, but he won’t have actually one prepared in the mid game. Always buy the Eul!

Ethereal Blade

It works the ideal if offered after Berserker’s Call because your allies won’t have the ability to hit Axe. It is a very situational item, yet a good option on a hero that have the right to use it.

Silver Edge

The active disables any passive capacity of the target, for this reason Axe won’t proc Counter Helix for 4 secs.


In the late game, a bring can openly auto-strike Axe and overlook the damages return thanks to the expensive 200% lifesteal from Unholy Rage.

Mekansm and also Guardian Greaves

If offered at the right time, you deserve to prevent a last hit via Culling Blade because the tarobtain will all of a sudden have even more health points.

The best carries


One of the the majority of known counters. He doesn’t are afraid Axe at all, and can freely strike him thanks to the lifesteal gave by Feast and Open Wounds. Lifestealer deserve to endure and also win also against the Blade Mail as soon as he obtains sufficient attack rate or the Echo Sabre for additional hits.


After the mid game, she can entirely ignore the damages from Counter Helix as a result of her tankiness. The AoE strikes produced by Split Swarm let her shoot at the entire enemy team also when taunted.


While under the effect of Enrage, Ursa enjoys a 80% incoming damages reduction, so can attack Axe without endangering his life even when the Blade Mail is active. Fury Swipes deals an huge quantity of physical damage that stacks conveniently - it functions great versus a high HP and also low armor hero favor Axe.

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Outhuman being Devourer

Astral Imprisonment is a dependable capability to respond to Axe"s initiation. OD"s combination of pure and also magic damage is great versus him, and Sanity’s Eclipse destroys Axe because of his low knowledge (1.6 per level and practically nopoint using items)

Slow and also DoT abilities prevent Axe"s initiations

Venomancer and also Viper

Generally, all heroes via slow-moving and also DoT impacts are great picks bereason will hinder Axe"s mobility and also put the Bconnect Dagger on cooldown - without it, he can’t taunt appropriately. The slow-moving using their poikid is additionally ample to kite Axe permanently.

In specific, Viper is a difficult respond to because Nethertoxin disables all passives of the enemies impacted, breaking Counter Helix.

Shadow Demon

Disruption functions exactly as the Eul’s Scepter of Divinity. Banishing Axe from the battlearea, it avoids any type of damage from Counter Helix or the Blade Mail.

Furthermore, the illusions produced by the spell likewise proc Axe’s passive: just inproficient enemies will certainly strike them, so in many cases they aren’t very helpful, but you have the right to exploit them in some situations - for instance, as soon as invading the high ground.

Demonic Purge slows dvery own Axe, disables the Battach Dagger, and even breaks Counter Helix once upgraded via the Aghanim’s Scepter.


Sticky Napalm and Firefly are amazing tools to protect against any initiation thanks to the constant slow and also the AoE damages on the battlearea. Flamebreak and also Flaming Lasso have the right to save allies, pushing Axe away from their strike array - therefore it is feasible to counteract also a successful initiation.

Vision counters initiators

Axe completely counts on the Blink Dagger to communicate, so any hero who have the right to spot him in development might disrupt his plans.

Night Stalker and also Keeper of the Light are the a lot of obvious ones, especially after purchasing the Aghanim’s Scepter. The latter deserve to additionally usage Blinding Light to push Axe away from his allies.

There are many more heroes via scouting abilities. Clockwerk deserve to examine the surroundings through Rocket Flare - which gives vision on a space for 10 secs - and also also disable the Battach Dagger with a lucky swarm. Power Cogs are valuable to manipulate the battlefield, separating Axe from the battle.

Save your taunted allies

Tright here are many heroes through abilities to heal the team or proccasion Counter Helix’s damages (we currently talked about Shadow Demon’s Disruption). Here are more valid examples:

Oracle can disarm a taunted ally with Fate’s Edict, and False Promise could save a low HP one from Culling Blade.

Vengeful Spirit have the right to switch position through Axe or an ally making use of Nether Swap.

Undying heals his teammates with Soul Rip, disables the Battach Dagger utilizing the Tombstone’ zombies, and is also useful in the lane phase as Decay is exceptional versus stamina heroes.

Pugna possesses an inherent Ethereal Blade with Decrepify, which deserve to be actors on Axe after a successful taunt to proccasion any proc of Counter Helix and Blade Mail. Life Drain’s enormous healing will additionally save many stays from Culling Blade.

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Necrophos have the right to conveniently regen the teammates captured by Berserker’s Call spamming Death Pulse. This capacity works well additionally versus Culling Blade, particularly in combo with the Mekansm. Heartstopper Aura is efficient versus high HP heroes choose Axe, and additionally Reaper’s Scythe tough counters him. Ghold Shroud can save yourself if timed appropriately before being influenced by Berserker’s Call.


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