How To Create A Custom Minecraft Skin [EASY]

Hello everybody and welcome back to another
KidALoo tutorial. So I have had several people ask me how to
make a custom Minecraft skin to play in Minecraft, to see your friends and to really customize
your character. So today we're going to be doing a quick and
easy tutorial on how to make a custom Minecraft skin to play with your friends – let's get
into it! Okay guys so the first thing we want to do
is go ahead online and go to so they have a really awesome Minecraft skin
editor that is simple to use.

I'm going to show you how to use it but first
go to you can see KidALoo is already out here, we are part of
so you can connect with us there as well but what we want to do is go ahead and go
to player skins and then we want to click on this Minecraft skin editor button and it's
going to take us to PMC skin 3D. Okay so this is going to be an awesome skin
editor and we are going to hit Advanced Edition and then this brings up the base template.

So just a quick tutorial on this menu, there
are several different preset options that you can do to customize your skin, this is
basically a blank canvas that you can you know essentially add you know whatever you
want on to your skin and customize it how you wish and then yeah just color it in. So that is doing it from scratch, what I prefer
to do is actually import a skin. So you can go to several different places
online and what I prefer to do is download a skin that I want to start with instead of
starting from scratch sometimes it's easier if you want to be a panda or a ninja or you
know a mermaid or whatever it is you can go look up a skin for that and one place I like to go do that is The
Skindex you can basically type in here whatever you want and it will
bring up some different skins that are similar to that and then you can essentially click
on that and then here's the skin file so you can download that right here and then that
will download the skin.

So if we want to import a skin all we have
to do is go to Open File, I'm going to go to this skin right here that I found earlier,
nice little panda skin kind of Christmas colored. So this is going to be my base template to
start with and so then you just pick your color. So you can go over here to the color wheel
you can select this in a number of different ways and then here's your default colors down
here. So what I like to do is set up the mirror
option, so that is going to basically anything I do on one side it's going to mirror on the
other side. So if I pick red, maybe I want to turn this
into a different version of a Christmas sweater, I pick mirror and you see it mirrors on both

So I only have to really do it one time and
then it's done for me just like that. Okay now another thing I like to do with the
color is I like to select the Noise Mode right here and what that's going to do is this is
just going to slightly change the pixel colors and it just makes it kind of look a little
maybe more natural instead of just one blank color it gives it a little bit of depth. So if I do that you can see it just kind of
adds a little bit to the color and if you have a template, a base template that you
are working with like I am, you can just pretty much follow the lines and existing colors
you can change the design however you want or you can just kind of change the color like
I'm doing here and then you'll see this mirrors it right
on the other side so it makes it super easy to just kind of fill in the blanks and color
this up.

So I will go ahead and finish this shirt really
quick and then we'll go from there. Okay guys so you can see when we scroll around
we filled in all of the blue and made it red we left the green there I could add some different
designs, we could change the colors anyhow we wanted. The other thing that you need to do though
is once you have the outside color set you need to think about the interior color. So this character is going to be moving in
the game and so if we just click this that will remove the head for now we can see what's
underneath and you can see there still some blue here so we need to make this red so that
when the player turns his head from certain angles you won't be able to see the blue you'll
see the red from the sweater.

We can add the head back in, we can click
on the arms and do the same thing so the interior of the arms you also have to remember to change
the color if that's what you want to do unless you want that to be a different color. Okay, and this one, okay and then we'll check
the inside of the legs are good, that's the same black color there, the other leg same.

Okay so that looks pretty good right now so
we've changed the shirt color of this skin. Now this over here is the overlay, so you
can see it's kind of another layer that you can add to add some additional depth to your
character. For now I'm not going to get really into that
but this is kind of the quick and easy way to develop a Minecraft character, get a custom
skin for your character you can start kind of with a base template of another character
or you can use your own. So if I wanted to you know add a little hat
or a tiara or you know change this in some other way I can easily do that right from
here and then once I'm done with it and I'm happy with it all I need to do is go to File,
Save to File and then this is going to save that skin file for me.

It's going to look like this, so that is believe
it or not, what we want it to look like. Okay so we're going to go take this to Minecraft
now we're going to upload it and see how this looks in the game. I'm on the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition I'm
going to go to profile I am going to go to edit character you can see my RadDad character
is there right now.

I'm going to go to Owned and then I'm going
to click on this right here where it says Import and that is going to allow me to choose
a new skin. Okay and then I am going to go back and I'm
going to find my red Christmas sweater skin my panda skin right there and then voila you
can see it is right there. So we have our Christmas sweater right there,
that's the character I want to use so we will go out and then you can see it is showing
right here. Now let's go ahead and do this on Java for
anybody looking to play this on Java we will import the skin there as well so you can see
how that's done too. Alright guys so we have opened up the Java
Edition and we're going to go up here to the top to “Skins”, I'm going to simply click
on New Skin and I'm going to browse I'm going to select it and there you go.

You can even see we missed some blue on the
inside of these arms, that's how it'll show if you miss it. So it's super simple to fix all we have to
do is go back here and remove the torso and then color these little arm bits in and that
will fix the issue okay. Add that back in and then we should be good
to go, so that is how to easily create a custom Minecraft skin. I hope this was helpful for you, I wanted
this to be a quick and simple tutorial. We didn't get into a lot of details but I
wanted to keep it simple for you. This is really an easy process that anybody
can do so if you like this video, if it helped you out please leave it a “Like”.

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