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Minecraft Bedrock Edition video settings are straightforward to configure. The video settings a player has can determine if their game is very smooth or has unplayable lag.

There are a lot of Minecraft players out there who experience lots of lag without knowing why. Sometimes, the reason lies within their Minecraft client, in their video settings.

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If video settings are not optimized correctly for the type of computer a player has, they may experience tons of unnecessary lag.

This article discusses the best video settings to reduce lag and improve the gaming experience on Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Bedrock video settings for 2021

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For the first page in video settings, there isn't much to change except brightness. It is best to keep the shine at 100. This will make exploring caves a lot brighter, minimizing the amount of torches players have to use.

For Hide Hand, Hide Paper Doll, and Hide HUD, those are all personal preferences. Many players are unsure of what the Paper Doll is, and the Paper.

Doll is a small animation of a player's character that appears in the right corner of the screen whenever the player is doing anything besides walking. For example, if the player is swimming, their character swimming will appear in the corner.

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The next set of video setting options are also personal preferences. Outline selection is a great feature to have turned on as it shows players exactly which block they are looking at by outlining it, which is very useful when bridging.

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This following section of the video settings is the reason why so many players experience lag. The default Minecraft video settings have powerful, lag-inducing features turned on, and players must go into their settings to turn them off manually.

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It is best to turn off fancy bubbles, render clouds, beautiful skies, smooth lighting, and fancy graphics. Each of these settings has no benefit to the game. They are only there for esthetics.

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The last of the video settings options are shown above. Most settings are personal preferences, but render distance can cause quite a bit of lag whenever it is high.

The advice would be to leave it at 20, or even bring it down to 16 chunks. Keep in mind that the lower the render distance, the less lag, but less players can see ahead of them.

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