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so i have been playing skyblock, my plan was to play something similar to what ilmango did for 1.14 but i dont want any plugins, at most i plan to add some custom recipes here and there. i did make a void world and have been playing on it but it has somehow failed the generation and now is making terrain again so i need a way to erase that terrain. i have decided that i will simply erase around 2000 x 2000 blocks in all directions and then simply place a barrier or something, but im having problems to find a program to erase the terrain.

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mcedit doesnt work for me for example, i have also tried worldpainter but it throws an exception out of bounds when trying to import the world. is there something that im missing? this used to be so easy to do in the past in minecraft.

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Erasing chunks

Two ways to erase chunks that work:

Delete region files. This is the easiest way to delete chunks if every chunk in that region is to be deleted. The region files are in the folders region (Overworld), DIM-1/region (Nether) and DIM1/region (End). The region files are “r.x.z.mca” where x and z are the block coordinates of the north-west corner, divided by 512 (or chunk coordinates divided by 32).

Use NBTExplorer to delete selected chunks. This works well but it is not easy to do because it is easy to delete the wrong chunks.

You have said that you want to “simply erase around 2000 x 2000 blocks in all directions”. If you want to keep the 1024×1024 area around 0,0 (-512,-512 to 511,511) then the regions you want to keep are r.-1.-1.mca, r.0.-1.mca, r.-1.0.mca and r.0.0.mca. Erase the rest.

This will cause the chunks to be regenerated when they are in range. For Skyblock, you may not want that.

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Erasing terrain within chunks but keeping the chunks

If you want to erase the terrain but leave the chunks in place, you can do this by using NBTExplorer to delete the “Sections” in each chunk. This can be done by either deleting every entry in the “Sections” tag or deleting the “Sections” tag which will also delete its children. I suggest you experiment in a temporary Superflat world to see which works.

Another method to erase the terrain is to copy the world into a creative world, and then fly around the world while a command block executes the following command: fill ~-8 0 ~-8 ~7 127 ~7 air. You can do this with a mechanism placed above y=127 in the spawn chunks. If you use a mechanism, you can do this AFK.

This command will not delete blocks that are higher than Y=127. You may want to handle these chunks separately.

An example of such a mechanism is attached to MC-182907 as g16.zip. This is a mechanism that teleports the player around the map and causes terrain to generate. The unmodified mechanism teleports the player around the area bounded by -4096,-4096 to 4095,4095 in 192-block steps every 12 seconds, taking a bit more than 6 hours to complete. With some modification, this mechanism can be used to erase terrain by executing the command given above. Be sure to place it above Y=127 or else the mechanism will be erased when it is in range. Modifications: Start at -1024,-1024, step 16 blocks once a second 129 times, move 16 blocks south 129 times, every step run the clear command. This will take about 4 to 5 hours AFK.

You may find yourself using a combination of these: using the mechanism to clear out the chunks you want to keep, and deleting region files to remove the unwanted chunks.

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If you want to keep selected chunks, these can be copied back from the region files once the mechanism has finished.

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