How To Delete A Home In Minecraft Pe!, Deleting All Sethomes

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/*Classic Snow Fall – Java Script*//*// Set the number of snowflakes (more than 30 – 40 not recommended)var snowmax=45// Set the colors for the snow. Add as many colors as you likevar snowcolor=new Array(“#aaaacc”,”#ddddff”,”#ccccdd”,”#f3f3f3″,”#f0ffff”)// Set the fonts, that create the snowflakes. Add as many fonts as you likevar snowtype=new Array(“Times”,”Arial”,”Times”,”Verdana”)// Set the letter that creates your snowflake (recommended: * )var snowletter=”*”https:// Set the speed of sinking (recommended values range from 0.3 to 2)var sinkspeed=0.8// Set the maximum-size of your snowflakesvar snowmaxsize=30// Set the minimal-size of your snowflakesvar snowminsize=8// Set the snowing-zone// Set 1 for all-over-snowing, set 2 for left-side-snowing// Set 3 for center-snowing, set 4 for right-side-snowingvar snowingzone=1///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CONFIGURATION ENDS HERE///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Do not edit below this linevar snow=new Array()var marginbottomvar marginrightvar timervar i_snow=0var x_mv=new Array();var crds=new Array();var lftrght=new Array();var browserinfos=navigator.userAgentvar ie5=document.all&&document.getElementById&&!browserinfos.match(/Opera/)var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.allvar opera=browserinfos.match(/Opera/)var browserok=ie5||ns6||operafunction randommaker(range) { rand=Math.floor(range*Math.random()) return rand}function initsnow() { if (ie5 || opera) { marginbottom = document.body.scrollHeight marginright = document.body.clientWidth-15 } else if (ns6) { marginbottom = document.body.scrollHeight marginright = window.innerWidth-15 } var snowsizerange=snowmaxsize-snowminsize for (i=0;i=marginbottom-2*snow.size || parseInt(>(marginright-3*lftrght)){ if (snowingzone==1) {snow.posx=randommaker(marginright-snow.size)} if (snowingzone==2) {snow.posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow.size)} if (snowingzone==3) {snow.posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow.size)+marginright/4} if (snowingzone==4) {snow.posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow.size)+marginright/2} snow.posy=0 } } var timer=setTimeout(“movesnow()”,50)}for (i=0;i”+snowletter+””)}if (browserok) { window.onload=initsnow}*/

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