How To Disable Attack Cooldown In Minecraft, Disable Attack Cooldown In 1

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Hola, I have a Minecraft server and I know my players LOVE PvP but they absolutely hate the new combat system. Personly I hate the new combat system too. Any help?Best regards,Setrus

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Either go 1.8 or use a plugin like


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There is a plugin that allows for you to disable the new combat. Basically what it does is change the attack speed on all the weapons to something really high to mimic
Get out of this forum please. I know there is a plugin for it but I just wanted to know if there are any other ways. I do not want to stick with 1.8 since there are many bugs that are fixed in 1.12.2. I”m sorry if I made your day bad but I”m just sick and tired of all these posts on other combat systems complaints saying “Stick to 1.8 it”s your only option”. Thank you for reading this ShelLuser. And have a great day. 🙂
Instead becoming rude to me why don”t you try to actually ask a question next time?If you read your OP (original post) you”ll notice that you didn”t bother to ask for any plugins, only for “help”. And questions like yours get asked dozens of times. Therefor it also got treated as one of those questions. And the answer, like it or not, is to stick to 1.8.I”m not even trying to mock you or anything but I”m dead serious. Why do you think there are so many PVP servers out there which even in 2018 still run 1.8 and/or 1.7? Because that”s the only liable option for good PVP.Seriously: if you don”t appreciate answers like mine then maybe try to formulate your questions in a better way next time instead of just saying “I don”t like it, any help?”.
As I posted in my reply I stated that I hope I am sorry if I made you day bad and hope you have a great day. The only part I am tired of people posting is “It”s your only option”. Again, I am sorry if I made your day bad and I hope you understand what I”m talking about.

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