I desire to play Minecraft but without the hassle of gathering food. I recognize I can play in tranquil obstacle, however I want hostile mobs to spawn. Is tright here a method to remove hunger, yet still have hostile mobs spawn?

a (for all players)> 23 99999 10

Effect number 23 is the impact for saturation. It will certainly replenish your hunger bar. With the power of it being collection to 10, it will regeneprice fifty percent of the entirety hunger bar per tick (you have the right to raise it to 20 for the entire bar at a time).

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To refresh it, you simply have to form in the command aget. If you usage Command also Blocks, you might easily put up a button to execute it (if you have actually accessibility to commands).

Is it just me or did you copy and paste from the below answer? – angussidney Mar 24 "15 at 7:15

Angus Atkinkid The perboy listed below copied from him and also plus the indevelopment listed below is wrong about the Xbox 360. – zombieatmore Mar 24 "15 at 9:28

I am not sure if saturation has a pshort article result, however if it does, I imply including false to the finish of the command also to suppush them. – MrLemon Mar 24 "15 at 16:23
zombieatmore The various other perboy answered first so therefore might not have duplicated from this answer. – angussidney Mar 25 "15 at 10:04

Copied or not, explaining what the command also does and also mostly utilizing coherent grammar renders this the better answer. (Besides, float over the times and you'll check out that this one was initially.) – SevenSidedDie Mar 25 "15 at 14:50

You deserve to erected a sepaprice launcher profile to play on a version previous to Beta 1.8, (which is once the Hunger Mechanic was added).

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Failing this, you may need to install a custom mod. Doing a quick search for disabling hunger in Minecraft turned up a pair of alternatives such as this one:

If you very own a server via Multiverse (plugin) you can carry out /mvm collection hunger false or back to true if you want to. And everyone in the human being will not be affected by hunger! Multiverse has a bunch of other cool choices favor this!

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