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Vujii-burning-legion 18 December 2020 13:58 #1

Phase 6 is here and so is the burnout. I don’t know about everyone else’s server, but my primary server is seeing guilds drop rather quickly. I think the mega servers may be the only servers with raiding guilds left in the next month or so…

I sure hope we get some official news on TBC soon!

Zugfox-wyrmrest-accord 18 December 2020 14:13 #2

Get ready to be told that the disbands are anecdotal and that everything is going fine for most people.

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On the server I played several major guilds have shattered; people aren’t logging on anymore. Even the guild I was in doesn’t have enough signups to do Naxx this weekend, while it was very active even prior to Naxx release.

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Demonator-ysera 18 December 2020 14:14 #3 18 December 2020 14:19 #4

my primary server is seeing guilds drop rather quickly.

Why ? Naxxramas is too hard or people leaving they don’t care about classic anymore ? What’s your server by the way ?

Zugfox-wyrmrest-accord 18 December 2020 14:21 #5

Why ? Naxxramas is too hard or people leaving they don’t care about classic anymore ? What’s your server by the way ?

Naxxramas is expensive to progress through. Also not unlike in Vanilla, there’s very little motivation to put the effort into it given that TBC is very right around the corner. While the gear isn’t irrelevant by any stretch, TBC Heroic dungeon gear is comparable and you’ll be running plenty of those if you plan on raiding.

Xanthak-durotan (Xanthak) 18 December 2020 14:28 #6
Lease-sulfuras 18 December 2020 14:33 #7
Zugfox-wyrmrest-accord 18 December 2020 14:35 #8

It’s a problem when everyone who kept the game alive is gone and all that’s left are the sweaty parsers who’d be content with P6 forever. Most people aren’t interested at the prospect of gear cap, true BIS doesn’t keep normal people playing a dead game.

Lease-sulfuras 18 December 2020 14:37 #9

I haven’t heard of a single guild who cleared Naxx and then disbanded in Sulfuras. I know several who can’t clear Naxx and disbanded.

Zugfox-wyrmrest-accord 18 December 2020 14:48 #10

There’s 102 guilds logging Naxx on Sulfuras and only 13 are 15/15. I’m not sure what correlation you’re trying to make here. Those that are 15/15 are the top sweaty guilds of the server, ofc they won’t disband.

Lease-sulfuras 18 December 2020 14:49 #11

You’re saying that those players who “kept the game alive” cleared Naxx and then quit. That’s not why people are quitting, they are quitting due to Naxxramas burnout, way before clearing the instance.

Zugfox-wyrmrest-accord 18 December 2020 14:49 #12 18 December 2020 14:51 #13
Lease-sulfuras 18 December 2020 14:53 #14

It’s not “burnout from being in Naxx”, it is “burnout from all the preparation before and after release”.

My guild is burning through consumables even faster than we expected to. And we barely consumables until AQ40.

Arix-earthfury 18 December 2020 14:57 #15

What’s the goal here? If it is to get people to come back or to “fix” burnout, how is telling them TBC is coming or not coming going to change that.

Seems to me that would get more people to be like well see you in TBC in 8 months. Or no TBC, guess I’m done, done.

Zugfox-wyrmrest-accord 18 December 2020 14:59 #16

What’s the goal here? If it is to get people to come back or to “fix” burnout, how is telling them TBC is coming or not coming going to change that.

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It gives them a reason to stay active, especially if they pre-patch Blood Elf and Draenei leveling.

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This isn’t really unexpected.

Classic was never going to have a permanent hold on most people and for those who aren’t into raiding that point has past.

Vujii-burning-legion 18 December 2020 15:08 #18

What’s the goal here?

For me? To keep interest alive. If this is the end of Classic and there is nothing else coming…then I’m no longer interested in continuing. My guild is losing members to burnout and to other guilds who are currently doing better in Naxx, but are also losing members to burnout. It isn’t Naxx burnout, it is general raid burnout.

Kythskar-bloodsail-buccaneers 18 December 2020 15:22 #19

People who through content & cheesed every game mechanic possible to turn the game into a giant loot piñata are the ones likely to be quitting from boredom or whatever. Good riddance to the toxics.

Mootwo-earthfury 18 December 2020 15:24 #20

This was always going to happen. Even if Naxx was easy requiring few consumes it was going to happen. I do think Naxx being so close to the Shadowlands release as well as the holidays did speed it up (had Covid not been happening things would have been worse right now as well).

As I said on a thread: “Overall though yes this is “that point” when many guilds will fall apart and some will pick up the people who are left. It’s the cycle of WoW.”

So this is how it works. We get to the end of Vanilla or an expansion and people stop playing. It happens every time. Now to be fair I don’t play Retail and it may not be so much since every new raid is a complete reset but it definitely to happen. It’s probably still the same but less with CRZ etc.

Anyway, every time some guilds with underlying issues, even unknown to anyone but the officers underlying issues, start falling apart as do guilds with group burnout.

The people who want to keep raiding join other guilds which allow these guilds to keep running. The smart people pick guilds where the same thing doesn’t happen 2 weeks later but that can be tough.

I was running a guild in WotLK which did pretty good through the whole expansion. We often didn’t recruit people and we had this app process, if we thought you were an ahole you didn’t get in. If your logs showed you didn’t play well you didn’t get in. We’d trial too. Still for some reason at the end of WotLK we had the highest amount of players of any guild, we kept bringing in people from other guilds.

It’s the exact same thing here.

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I don’t know if my current guild will survive. I hope so. It’s pretty stable for the most part and I say that as an officer, but I can’t predict everything. We did have to recruit some more people as we had one raid with 38 but we recruited a few people and ended up having a bench of 6 people on Tuesday.

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A TBC announcement would not matter until 1-2 months before TBC when people would come back to prepare. If TBC is announced as a “fresh start” (very unlikely) people will not come back until it releases.

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