How to download MinecraftSP and Skins

Hello every one! RicksMachinimaHD here Today, i am gonna help you installing Minecraft
Cracked First of all, you download it Yeah Yeah, shut up bitch warning We wait So we run the installer here We click next next next next next I already have it so i will cancel Now i will help you installing skins Close this sh** of Now Google Chroome i had enough of Opera Uh, Ok, so Here, you can make your skins, and i
already have mine so, you click download And then you save it as char.png Is not necesary to write PNG but, oh well Close %appdata% .minecraft , .bin Minecraft, open with WINrar archiver Erase META-INF MOB, char here so here My Documents uh… Mau… char here so we drag
and drop So i hope you enjoyed this tutorial, subscribe. Good-.

The best Minecraft skins

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