If you never messed around with homebrew on the Wii, you missed out on one of the easiest, most capable soft-modding projects ever. In fact, the Wii is still the most easily modded homebrew and emulation console around. If you can find a used Wii online somewhere, they”re still worth buying because of all the great user-made software.The Wii U still has a ways to go before it catches up to its older brother in terms of modded utility, but it”s made great advances lately. Getting homebrew up and running on your Wii U is useful for a number of purposes. You could dump and back up all of your eShop games, including your downloaded Wii games.You can also rip all of your old Gamecube games, store them on an SD card, and run them out of the Wii channel. Want to play your favorite DS games on the Wii U? Lucky for you the Wii U natively emulates DS games and, as long as you have backups of the games you own, you can run them using homebrew (with enhanced resolution, too).DISCLAIMER: THIS TUTORIAL IS MAINLY FOR WINDOWS USERS.

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WHILE I”VE INCORPORATED SOME PARTS FOR MAC AND LINUX USERS, MOST IS OUT OF THE SCOPE OF THIS GUIDE AS I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THOSE PLATFORMS AND IS THEREFORE HIGHLY UNFAMILIAR. IF THAT DOES CHANGE IN THE FUTURE, I WILL UPDATE THIS GUIDE TO REFLECT ON THAT.I also apologize for the mess of formatting this post might be to some.I”ve been having issues getting the spoiler option working due to duplicate spoilers appearing. This is really the only look that felt somewhat decent. If anyone could tell me how to fix that issue, let me know!So a lot of people in the Smash Community have been modding Super Smash Bros.

Jun 04, 2017 welcome everybody to another Minecraft video we”re going to be talking about Universal Minecraft editor made by oprize this will allow you to mod every single version of Minecraft completely free.

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For Wii U for some time and usually use the Internet Browser exploit quite a lot. What some don”t know is that offline solutions have been starting to become readily available for quite sometime. Today, I”m going to show you guys how to install a SD Cafiine directly onto the Wii U in the form of a forwarder.This tutorial is going to be divided into several categories all around and will list the things you need as you go along.

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Without a further ado, lets get started!PREPARATION. How To Install Mods On Minecraft Wii UStep 1:Step 2: Extract the.zip file and put those files onto the root of your SD Card.Step 3: Transfer your SD Card into your Wii U.Step 3: In the Wii U Internet Browser, go to.Step 4: It’ll bring up an options menu asking to select your program. Make sure it says “Homebrew Launcher 1.4 (5.5.0 – 5.5.1)”. Click Submit.Step 5: Once HBL boots up, shut down your Wii U.

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