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In this tutorial, I will teach you how to install Shaders on Minecraft 1.17.1 using OptiFine. Have you ever thought about having more beautiful graphics in Minecraft? Of course, the graphic creativity of the game with its blocks is amazing, but what if we could reflect a little on the water and the blocks? Sun rays? Animation in the grass and even in the leaves of the trees? If you are interested in having all of this in your Minecraft, this is the right tutorial for you.

How To Download Shaders for Minecraft

The first step is to choose the correct Shader Pack. There are several types, with specific requirements of this system and hardware. Would you please read our detailed article on Minecraft Shaders and understand all the requirements?

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There are many ways to get shaders in Minecraft, either through the shader creator’s website, or our website The differential of our site is that each article contains a complete guide containing a Review, Screenshots, Graphical Comparator, Installation Tutorial and Direct Download. This helps a lot when choosing the perfect Shader for your Minecraft.

Downloading Shaders for Minecraft

  1. To download the Shader, choose one of your choices. For this tutorial, I will use the BSL Shader by going to the “Download Links:” section and press the Download button.
Downloading Shaders for Minecraft
  1. A 10-second countdown will start. Please wait!
How To Add Shaders to Minecraft
  1. Soon after completion, your file will be ready. Then, proceed to the installation process.

How To Add Shaders to Minecraft

The next step is to make the Shaders work.

How to get Shaders in Minecraft

  1. Once Minecraft is still open on the home screen, go to ¹ “Options” -> ² “Video Settings” -> ³ “Shaders.”
How to get Shaders in Minecraft
  1. You will see a window that contains all game settings for Shaders; in the lower-left corner, click on “Shaders Folder“.
shaders folder
  1. Now you should put all Shaders you want to play in Minecraft in this folder.
shaders options
  1. After moving the Shaders to the folder, choose one of the Shaders from the list and press “Done“.
New installation
  1. You are now ready to play with Shaders.

How to Install Shaders on Old Versions

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Installing Shaders for older versions is slightly different as Optifine only came to be compatible with Shaders from version 1.8.8. So in earlier versions, you need Forge and ShadersMod, created by Karyonix.

The first step is to choose the version you will play; ShadersModrequires some Forge specs. See below:

For Minecraft 1.8.8 and newer, I recommend using the Optifine method.

  • ShadersMod v2.4.12 For Minecraft 1.8 – Compatible with Forge 1487 to 1521. Not compatible with Forge 1523 or later.

Compatible with OptiFine_1.8.0_HD_U_D5 – (AA OFF. AF OFF, Fast Render OFF, Natural Texture OFF)

  • Shaders Mod v2.3.31 For Minecraft 1.7.10 – Compatible with Forge 1481-1566

Compatible with OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_C1 (only ultra edition)

  • Shaders Mod v2.3.30 For Minecraft 1.7.2 – Compatible with Forge Latest

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Compatible with OptiFine_1.7.2_HD_U_D3. (only ultra edition)

  • Shaders Mod v2.2.3 For Minecraft 1.6.4 – Compatible with Forge Latest

Compatible with OptiFine_1.6.4_HD_U_D1 (only ultra edition)

Installing Shaders 1.8 and Earlier

  1. As in the first process, you must first update Minecraft to the version you want to install shaders.
  1. Open Minecraft Launcher. At the top, click on “Installations” -> “New installation.”
minecraft versions
  1. In “Version,” choose the version you want to play and press “Create“. In my case, I chose 1.7.10.
forge installer
  1. In the profile you created, press Play, the download will start; wait. When the game opens, close it.
mods on minecraft

Quick Tip: A popup will appear saying that the version you are going to play does not support the latest security features for the player. This is a standard message and has no risk you can approve it.

  1. Go to the Forge download page. And download Forge.
  1. Open the Forge Installer. In the window that appears, click on “Ok,” and wait to install Forge.
mods folder
  1. Once you finish, a popup message will indicate that Forge was successfully installed. Click Ok.
  1. Open Minecraft Launcher in the dropdown menu, make sure the Forge option is selected. Press Play.
  1. After the game loads, check if the Mods option appears. The mods installed will be listed there.
mods folder
  1. Finished this part, now let’s transfer the Shaders to the game. For this, you need to access the game folders, open the Windows Run, and write: %appdata%.minecraftmods.
old shaders for minecraft
  1. Move the ShadersModCore-v2.3.31-mc1.7.10-f file you downloaded into the folder. (corresponding to the version you are going to play)
How to Install Shaders on Minecraft 1.17.1? [Updated Tutorial]
  1. Reopen Minecraft Launcher and start with the forge profile.
  1. To check if the Shaders function is active in Minecraft, go to ¹ “Options” -> ² “Shaders.” you will see a window like this.
How to Install Shaders on Minecraft 1.17.1? [Updated Tutorial]
  1. To add Shaderpacks to Minecraft, go back to step “How To Add Shaders to Minecraft.”

After following all these steps, you should already have Shaders correctly installed on your Minecraft. I recommend watching the tutorial on how to use Shaders in Minecraft for best performance. Have a great game.

Shaders FAQ

If you have more questions, leave them in the comments below and we’ll list them in our FAQ.

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