Learn how to draw Minecraft swords with a grid-drawing tutorial. This 3-dimensional Minecraft sword is kind of difficult to draw, but follow along mindfully and you should be able to draw it. Have fun!

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How to Draw Minecraft Swords – and Diamond Swords in Steps

Step 1

– Lightly draw a rectangle on its side.

Đang xem: How to draw a minecraft diamond sword

Step 2


– Draw more guides.

Step 3


– Draw 2 letter ‘V’ shapes on either end of the rectangle.

Step 4


– Draw another letter ‘V’ shape.

– Draw grid guidelines to help you place the Minecraft blocks.

Step 5


– Draw sideways letter ‘V’ shapes.

– Draw lines going up and towards the right.

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Step 6


– Connect all these lines together. It should start to look 3-dimensional.

Step 7


– Draw diagonal guidelines.

Step 8


– Draw more diagonal guidelines.

Step 9


– Now erase guidelines and draw ‘real’ lines.

Step 10


– Continue to draw lines, as seen.

Step 11


– Continue to draw lines.

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Step 12


– Now that the basic structure is done, you can start to color in the blocks.

Finished Picture of Diamond Sword


– Now finish coloring the bugger in! I hope the tutorial helped you!

You Might Also Enjoy Our Other Minecraft Drawing Lessons

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