How To Duplicate Items In Minecraft Ps4 /Xbox 2020, Duplicate Items

I don”t know if anybody knows this but, take everything you want to duplicate in your inventory, wait for the game to autosave, put everything in chests, push the home button, close application, when you start the game again everything will be back in your inventory and in the chest you put it in 🙂 You can do this over and over 😀



that”s for things that you can assemble into a block and break it down again. but you certainly can”t do that for items such as ender pearls etc…

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Is there a specific time to quit? It”s tempremental for me. I dumped my stuff in when the autosave icon showed up, dashboards out and nothing.


Do you quit while it”s saving it after it”s saved?

This is a very nice glitch….. for now until its patched!

I have been playing about with this glitch and discovered a few things:

– It only works with autosave, saving the game yourself will not allow the glitch to work. Make sure autosave is on and put whatever items you want to dupe in your inventory; now wait a minute or so for the autosave icon in the top right corner, once it has disappeared quickly place all the items from your inventory into a chest and then hold the ps button and select close the application. Now enter the game again and your items will be duped in the chest!!

– You can re-use experience points also with this glitch. Stand near an enchantment table ready with your item you want to enchant and the relevant exp points, also make sure you have a chest close by. Now wait for the game to autosave again and once its finished quickly enchant the item, then place the enchanted item in a chest and the close the application again. Now when you re-load the game, you will have your exp points still and the item plus the enchanted item you placed in the chest!!!

– The good thing about this glitch is that whatever you do after the game has saved will not count but as long as you put the finished product in the chest it will stay there.


Let us all know if anyone else can think of any other useful uses for this glitch.

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While i”m posting…… someone mentioned another glitch above and stated it to be faster, I wouldn”t go that far! His glitch dupes 1 at a time, whereas the thread starters glitch dupes whatevers in your inventory. Its faster in the short run I guess but once you get a good stack the thread starter glitch wins hands down!

Check the glitch this guy mentioned on youtube, browse for “diamond duplication glitch”. This glitch is also limited in what it can dupe.

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There is another pretty good glitch called “the anvil glitch” (check this on youtube). This has similar limits as the diamond duplication glitch but with this glitch you can dupe the whole stack.


If your interested, use these while you can guys and gals as i”m sure probs won”t be long before there patched!!

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