How To Duplicate Things In Minecraft : Item Duplication Creation : 4 Steps

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Đang xem: How to duplicate things in minecraft

How do you duplicate items quickly in Minecraft? I have tried to drop it and then getting off of the world, and then getting back in, but it didn”t work out too well. Nothing got duplicated. I just can”t duplicate them. It doesn”t work at all.



Duplicating items is not possible in Minecraft (besides doing things like farming to “duplicate” carrots etc.). There have been bugs in the past that would allow you to duplicate items with certain hacks, but these were all fixed reasonably quickly. There have been, and are not (to anyone”s knowledge) any long-standing item duplication bugs in Minecraft.

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It is possible in survival mode, but you will probably need an old version of Minecraft. Here”s how it”s done by speedrunners:

Drop the stuff you want to dupe on the floorSave+QuitGo back into the gamePick up the stuffafter 2 seconds, alt+f4 close the gameStart the game again, pick up the stuff a second time

This only duplicates your stuff, and therefore the other glitch might be better. But I think there was some reason not to use it, more than just that “your” version got patched relatively soon after 1.0, bismuth runs 1.2.4 iirc.

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As mentioned, duplication bugs usually get fixed very quickly and usually none are found in the latest version.



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