How To Dye Your Armor In Minecraft Pe And Pocket Edition: Easy Tutorial!

I'm trying to make a Zelda style map but I can't find a way to give the player lime green dyed leather armor. Does anyone know how to do this?


You can’t give a player dyed armor as far as I know, though I see a possible workaround. Have a command block teleports an armor stand to the player, and then use a chain command block to kill it.

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So basically it could look like this, idk how you want the player to get it in your world but some way or another you have to activate a command block (a lever with it behind a wall would be easy).

This diagram is an example of how you could set up your armor giving system:

(Armor stand here, behind the wall) represents the lever, or button, or other Redstone, it doesn’t matter, as long as it can direct Redstone into the wall

represents the wall

is an impulse command block (orange) with the command /tp
p This command teleports the invisible armor stand to the player. Again, remember that “i_am_wearing_armor” is only an example, and can be replaced with any name you want, as long as it has no spaces.

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is a chain command block (blue/green) with its arrow pointing directly away from the first command block. It has the command /kill
e This command kills the armor stand immediately after it has been teleported by the first command block.

If everything works correctly, the armor stand should be teleported to the player, and then immediately killed, dropping its armor. If ya need any further help, just ask and maybe I could make things a little less confusing. Hope that helps!

EDIT: sorry for the weird diagram, text is weird. Just know that there is a lever on a wall, with the first command block directly behind it and the second command block directly behind that

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I understand what you are trying to say but I'm looking for something that would automatically put the armor on instead of just giving the player the armor and having them put it on themself.

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