Vial of the sands is a mount craftable by alchemists that deserve to be sold to anyone. The mount was added in cataclysm and also it is the single the majority of profitable recipe in the game.

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Due to the fact that I acquired the recipe 1 hour before Legion launched i have sold 31 Vial of the Sands, and also my total revenue is 1,7 million gold. My profit is somewright here in between 300-400k over that duration. There are loads of world who have made millions on this recipe alone.


The mount transforms you into a drake, and also lets someone ride on your earlier. This unique impacts leads to a much better demand for this mount than pretty much any various other expensive mount in the game (although the various other ones are extremely excellent as well).

So allows look at the advantages of this mount from a gold making perspective:

High demandVery high obstacle to entry (Farming the recipe is horrible)Very high resources requirements (eextremely mount needs 29k gold in seller mats)Hard to farm mats required

Obviously the majority of the advantages suggests that farming the recipe and also crafting the mount is horribly inconvenient. The primary disadvantage is the challenge in acquiring the recipe. Although the mats are rare, if you routinely shop for them you will most likely uncover great deals.

Farming the Vial of the Sands recipe

The recipe is discovered through archeology. Specifically with addressing the tol’vir prevalent artireality Canopic Jar. The chance of a jar containing the recipe is around 10% for characters with alchemy, and the possibility of gaining a canopic jar once beginning a new artireality is roughly 12. Tol’vir digsites only generate in Uldum, so farming it by hoping tbelow is a digwebsite tright here is horrible from a time suggest of see.

The many effective means to farm tol’vir fragments is to usage the Mantid artireality hunters kit from Mists of Pandaria. Mantid dig sites are tiny, and also they are all in Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes, so farming them is quick. You deserve to then revolve in your crated artifacts for tol’vir fragments at the Thramong Knowledge. To execute this you initially should obtain to 600 archeology ability so you deserve to do digsites in pandaria. And you have to farm Lorewalkers Exalted for the artitruth hunters kit. Lorewalkers is basic to farm making use of the HandyNotes addon, which has a module for the Lorewalkers scrolls.

Farming the recipe deserve to take from 5 to 100 hrs depending on your luck, so no one will certainly blame you if you decide to not do it.

I acquired very lucky and obtained the recipe on my 3rd Canopic Jar, so I most likely underestimate the initiative forced to obtain this recipe. Wowhead commenters have fixed upwards of 70 Jars prior to gaining the Recipe.

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Is it profitable?

If/once you farm the recipe make sure that crafting it is profitable on your realm. As the materials required are very rarely farmed their prices vary to a large level on the Auction House. To help you with this I have actually made a spreadsheet wright here you have the right to input your present prices and also view what the crafting expense is for a Vial of the Sands. An necessary part of crafting this mount i to stay on peak of products, and also buying as soon as they are cheap. Volatility is super high, so dont be afrhelp to splurge if tright here are bargains. Particularily for the hardest to farm materials: Azshara’s Veil, Deeprock Oil/Albino Cavefish and also Volatiles.

I am currently sitting on big stockpiles of all the products outside of Truegold, as I cant obtain sufficient cheap volatiles. Buying when you see excellent prices is extremely key to store up your profits.

Maximizing your profit

Maximizing your profit is primarily about sourcing materials cheaply and also maintaining your mounts on the Auction House.

Anvarious other good guideline to maximizing your profit is to have actually numerous alchemists that deserve to transmute Pyrium bars. On my server this transmute is worth about 300 gold per, and this rises my profit per Vial by around 3600 gold, which is a lot. I am presently running three alchemists through day-to-day Pyrium transmutes. I’ll most likely level one or two more quickly to truly be self-adequate.

Remember that the Vendor Materials are only marketed in Uldum. You can desire to stock up as soon as you’re there depending upon how much capital you have actually, to limit the number of necessary trips.

For posting operations in TSM its pretty straightforward. Article 1 at a time, and also put crafting+whatever before minimum profit you are comfortable through as the minimum price. I strongly suggest canceling and reposting frequently. Doing this a pair of times throughout the day on the Armory app will certainly normally yield much faster sales.

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I wont necessarily recommfinish farming the recipe, as it is horrendously time consuming, however the finish outcomes are pretty fantastic if you perform. If i had actually been posting even more aggresively, my earnings would most likely be also greater (I have prioritised enchanting and also Jewelcrafting lately).

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