How To Feed As A Vampire In Skyrim, Vampirism (Skyrim)

Playing Skyrim as a Vampire Lord is not only an incredibly fun experience but a challenging and rewarding one as well. Knowing how to successfully feed as a vampire and suppress the natural negative effects will be key in playing as a vampire.

In the following article, we will be going over everything as relates to playing as a vampire, from the basics down to what to do if feeding on your victim is not working.

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In order to play as a vampire in Skyrim, you will first need to begin the Dawnguard DLC play the beginning of it until you get to lord Harkon’s castle, Volkhithar.

Doing so is relatively easy, and will not require much effort. Once you get to this point in this addon quest, you can either continue on with the main questline as a vampire or with theDawnguardDLC.

There are certain perks and equipment to receive with continuing the DLC, but it is not necessary.

There are multiple perks available when leveling up your Vampire Lord skill tree, such as a huge defense against frost attacks, and a drain life spell.

In order to level up this skill tree, you will need to be in the Vampire Lord form and feed on your victims.

Why you need Vamp Seduction


Vampire’s Seduction is a type of power available once per game day that will essentially charm your opponent for up to 30 seconds, and is obtained once the Dragonborn achieves stage two of Vampirism.

This, however, only works opponents that are the maximum specified level of the spell. This is one way that you will be able to feed as a vampire, just make sure that you feed within 30 seconds of using the power.

There are several useful ways to incorporate this into your gameplay, such as if you need to recover health ormagicka, or if you did not mean to attack an NPC. Sometimes your vampirism will cause an NPC to be hostile towards you, and this is when this power especially comes in handy.

Because this power is only available once per day, relying too heavily on this to feed will not be ideal, and you may still need to find a sleeping victim to prey upon. Additionally, it is recommended to only use this power at point-blank range, to avoid missing your target.

List of Feeding Mod for your Vampire


If you have the PC version of Skyrim, there are multiple mods you can install that will either enhance your overall experience as a vampire, or make it easier to feed as one.

For instance, the mod Better Vampires has great customization options and will allow you to feed on your followers; giving you an unlimited blood supply. Additionally, this mod will allow you to feed on dead bodies, which will make it much easier when trying to avoid the sickness from the sun and daylight.

Another great “overhaul” type of mod for Skyrim is Vampiric Thirst. This not only allows you to walk in the sun after a certain point, but adds some realism to the Vampiric lifestyle in Skyrim. This mod has even added hunting and feeding game mechanics that rely on different playstyles; from stealthy to brutal.

What is Vampire Cure Shrine & Potion


When you first contract Sanguine Vampiris or Vampirism, you will be able to cure the disease; as long as you act fast. To do so, you must either use a cure disease potion or pray at a shrine. Alternatively, you may also opt into becoming a werewolf, which will remove the Vampiric curse.

Thinking about becoming a werewolf instead of a vampire? Here is all the reasons why werewolf is a lot better than vampire in this fast pace article.

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Once you do become a vampire, finding a cure is significantly harder, but not impossible. There is a way to cure it, if you have a black soul gem. You must travel toMorthaland talk withFalion. This will start a quest that will have a ritual to cure your Vampirism.

Alternatively, the before mentioned mods, and other mods available will have an easier way to cure Vampirism.

Feeding Not Working? – Quick Fix Here


Playing Skyrim as a vampire successfully and getting the most out of your experience relies heavily on being able to feed. In some rare cases, the game will not let you do so. This can be attributed from several factors, and in this section, we will go over possible fixes, and common issues.

Sometime when you are attempting to feed as a vampire, the only option when hovering over your sleeping victim will be to pickpocket them. This can be frustrating, especially when you have chosen the perfect spot and victim to avoid unwanted attention from others, guards in particular. The following has seemed to fix this known issue:

In most cases, there will either be a mod that is interacting negatively with your Vampirism, especially if you have any race changing mod installed. Whenattemptingto feed on your sleeping victim, the option should read: pickpocket/feed.

In some cases, choosing to cure your Vampirism and then havingSeranaturn you again seems to have fixed this issue.

If you are unable to feed, there may be a bug associated. Reloading a save before you became a vampire, and then becoming one again may help this issue.

There are some known issues when using console commands, as well; if using a PC while playing as a vampire. It is not recommended to use console commands to make yourself a vampire, or to alter your character in any way. This can cause issues to your character and may make feeding unavailable.

What to do when Blood Starved

When the Dawnguard DLC came out for Skyrim, the option to become a vampire lord became available. This DLC came with many perks, but unfortunately, there were a few downfalls to this feature as well.

Generally, before the Dawnguard, if you were infected with Vampirism you would not be attacked once getting to level 4 Vampirism. In Dawnguard, villagers and guards would attack you on site once you became blood-starved, or advanced as a vampire lord.

Thankfully, there was an update that was released by Bethesda that took this feature out, making it easier to stay as a vampire. That being said, if you transform into a vampire lord in town, you will still be attacked by any and all NPC’s.

It is still important to feed as a vampire, even if you have completed the Dawnguard quest line and received Auriels’ Bow, which will block out the sun if Blood-soaked arrows are fired from this weapon.

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I hope this guide was helpful, and that you are able to fully enjoy your experience when playing Skyrim as a Vampire Lord.

There are so many rewarding benefits to playing this style, and it makes it for completely new gameplay for even those veteran Elder Scroll gamers.

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