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Often seen on Minecraft's multiplayer servers, Command Blocks are incredibly useful blocks that run console commands.

While available in Minecraft's Java, Bedrock, and Pocket Editions, Command Blocks aren't readily available through in-game menus. They are unobtainable in Survival Mode through standard play and do not appear in the Creative Mode inventory. To amend this, it is possible to use a console command to acquire Command Blocks.

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Players should be certain that they have cheats enabled on their server of choice (or in single player), otherwise the necessary console commands will have no effect. For single player seeds, players can select the “Open to LAN” option from their pause menu and then enable cheats that way.

Minecraft: Creating a Command Block and setting it up

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In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, players will need to create a Command Block similarly to how they would in the Java Edition. After ensuring cheats are enabled on their desired server or single player seed, they will need to open their chat interface and type the following:

This command, if done correctly, should spawn a Command Block within the player's inventory. In the event a Minecraft player makes an error with the syntax, the game's chat should point out where they made a mistake with the appropriate error text. Now that players have their Command Block, they can set it up to run commands as they please.

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There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to Command Blocks in Minecraft, and it can be somewhat confusing as to how they work or how they can be set up. Below is a list of factors to take into account when setting up a Command Block:

  • Block Type: Choosing between “Repeat,” “Impulse,” “Current,” or “Chain” will determine when the Command Block activates. “Impulse” will make the command run once. “Current/Repeat” will make the command run continuously as long as it is powered. “Chain” will make this Command Block run only after a connected Command Block runs a command, allowing Minecraft players to string together commands with sequential blocks.
  • Conditions: Conditions tie into how a Command Block interacts with others of its kind. Setting the block to “Unconditional” will permit it to run its command regardless of whether the connected block succeeded in running its own command. Setting it to “Conditional” will only run the command script when the previous Command Block ran its own successfully.
  • Redstone: This setting allows Minecraft players to decide if they want their command blocks operated by redstone currents. Selecting “Needs Redstone” will make the block require an active redstone current before working, while “Always Active” will make the command run without any assistance.
  • Command Input: This is where players can enter console commands into their block to carry out. It can perform things like changing the time of day, killing certain mobs, teleporting the player, and much much more. Minecraft has tons of commands available, and Command Blocks extend their utility even more.

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