How To Find Minecraft Jar – I Can&#039T Find My Minecraft

Hello – I am trying to get Minecraft working properly on my son”s Windows8 machine. I cannot find the minecraft.jar file. When I search for %appdata%, I find a .minecraft folder, but there is no bin folder in it. The folders are:assetsLibrariesresourcepakssavesstatsversionsThere is a launcher.jar file, and a bunch of files that begin with output-server.log (server logs, obviously). I have clicked on view hidden files and file name extensions in Windows explorer.Minecraft does work on the computer, so obviously the .jar file is somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot find it. Because of that, he”s unable to download and use mods. Can someone please help me here? In the versions folder is a 1.6.4.jar file – is this actually the file I should be using?Many thanks.- Eve

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It”s been moved to the versions folder, there should be multiple folders with names like 1.7.2 or something like that. Find the version you want and that jar should be in that.


i made a bin folder here: … ere%29.zipplz read the plz read.txt

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the .jars are now under the versions folder if u are going to install mods use the installer for forge then just put stuff in mods folder from there XD
The file structure of the .minecraft directory has changed if I recall correctly. You can now set up multiple “profiles” meaning you can have multiple .jars available form your launcher (for example: 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.6.4-optifine, etc.). The 1.6.4 jar file should be the correct one, but I”ve only looked in that directory once since the new launcher has been released.
It has been moved to the “versions” folder. So yes, you were correct.Don”t worry, I have trouble with this change in Minecraft”s file management too XD
1.6 nerfed modding a bit – You”ll want to look around for some 1.6 guides.. (Or wait until someone who knows what they”re doing to come around)I think you might be able to find the .jar in versions – just open up the version you play on, if there is more than one.

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