How To Find Turtle Eggs Minecraft, How To Hatch Turtle Eggs In Minecraft

How to breed turtles in Minecraft, from finding wild turtles to hatching turtle eggs and what you can use the little turtles for.

Minecraft”sBedrock Editionadded 3,000 new species of fish, Drowned Zombies, Bubble Columns, and even Sea Turtles! In particular, Sea Turtles are an incredibly unique addition because you can breed them.

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You see, when a baby turtle grows into an adult turtle, they drop an item called a Scute. With five Scute, you can go to a crafting table to make a Turtle Shell. If you wear this Turtle Shell, you”ll gain the Water Breathing status effect, which prevents you from drowning or losing oxygen underwater. It even improves your vision when submerged.

Alternatively, the Turtle Shell can also be brewed with an Awkward Potion in order to make the Potion of the Turtle Master, which slows you down but also increases your resistance, essentially making you a tank — or a turtle, if you please.

In order to make these, though, you need some baby turtles. And the best way to find baby turtles is to, of course, breed them yourself.


Breeding Turtles inMinecraft

To breed turtles, you first need to find two adult Sea Turtles. They spawn in groups on warm beaches, so if you don”t find any at a beach near you, you can just craft a boat and go on a bit of a journey to see if you can”t find any at other beaches in your current seed.

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Once you find a few, go ahead and dig them into a small pit so they can”t escape, and make sure there”s sand under them. The eggs need to be laid in sand. Otherwise, they won”t hatch.

Next, you need to feed two turtles a piece of Seagrass. In order to get Seagrass, you must either use Shears on the grass that grows underwater or kill turtles. Once you feed the turtles, hearts will appear over their heads, and they”ll turn toward each other.

Afterward, one turtle will burrow under the sand and lay one to four turtle eggs.

Next, you simply have to wait for the turtle eggs to hatch. Remember, they will only hatch on sand during the night. Once they hatch, it will take them a little while to grow. You can accelerate this process by feeding them more Seagrass. If you feed a baby Sea Turtle 10 Seagrass, it”ll grow into an adult instantly.

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And that”s everything you need to know to breed turtles for Scute. If you”re looking to improve yourMinecraft experience, be sure to check out ourMinecraft seeds andMinecraft skins articles while you”re at it.

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