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Schaden-bloodhoof 9 December 2020 17:20 #1

Been getting Lua errors for a couple months now, and it’s only gotten worse since SL. I even reinstalled on a different machine and same problem. I’ve disabled most AddOns and only wtbblue.come popular ones such as DBM, WeakAuras, etc. Even after disabling all AddOns I still get them. Right now the game is unplayable for me becawtbblue.come I am getting a Lua error whenever I click a mob, or cast a spell, or get interrupted. I am wtbblue.coming the default UI, no ElvUI or anything.

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Here’s an example of one. Many of them point to a Blizzard nameplates folder in my AddOn folder which does not exist (or at least, I can’t find it):

Message: …eAddOnsBlizzard_NamePlatesBlizzard_NamePlates.lua:470: Action failed becawtbblue.come: attempted from: :GetLeft().
Time: Wed Dec 9 12:07:49 2020
Count: 2
Stack: …eAddOnsBlizzard_NamePlatesBlizzard_NamePlates.lua:470: Action failed becawtbblue.come: attempted from: :GetLeft().


Zenlaka (Zenlaka) 9 December 2020 17:26 #2

Howdy Schaden,

This often indicates that there is a conflict with another file. Even if addons are disabled, they can still cawtbblue.come issues so a UI reset would be the next best step. You can always reinstall the addons again once this is resolved.

Alternatively, you can hide the LUA errors entirely by running the commands mentioned here.

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Schaden-bloodhoof 9 December 2020 17:36 #3

Hey, thanks a lot for the quick response and the suggestions. I didn’t know Lia errors could be hidden!

I remembered I installed a nameplates AddOn named KUI a while back. It mwtbblue.comt have messed with something becawtbblue.come even after deleting it (didn’t do what I needed) it was throwing Lua errors and affecting my UI. I had to reinstall KUI to change a setting then uninstall to fix it, and if I’m remembering correctly that’s roughly when the train of Lua errors began.

Zenlaka (Zenlaka) 9 December 2020 17:39 #4

Yeah even if it was uninstalled and that specific addon folder deleted, it’s not unwtbblue.comual for some addons to make changes in other files. You may need to delete the WTF, Interface and Cache folders entirely to reset WoW back to default and then setup those addons again. If you have addons that have a lot of work to configure, like WeakAuras, you can back them up by copying those folders and putting them in another location. That’s good practice anyway since it can be a pain if there’s corruption or lost addon files.

Schaden-bloodhoof 11 December 2020 18:04 #5

That makes sense, when I reinstalled a new computer I copied over my interface and WTF folders but wasn’t very selective in what I brought over, so likely jwtbblue.comt took the corrupted/problematic files with me. Thanks again!


Hi Zenlaka,

I am still getting LUA errors on a fairly consistent basis. I did a UI reset and that seemed to fix the ones related to clicking mobs and getting interrupted, but still received a few related to an AddOn (TSM) and other templating. I did a complete reinstall of the game (even swapped the install to my 2nd hard drive) and tried to disable LUA errors but that didn’t work, either (when I ran the script in the link you posted another LUA error popped up, and am still receiving them).

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Here is one example that I’ve received several times now when clicking “Show me my Renown” in my covenant hall.

Message: InterfaceSharedXMLSharedTooltipTemplates.lua:101: wtbblue.comage: GameTooltip:SetText(“text” <, color, wrap>)
Time: Fri Dec 11 12:56:34 2020
Count: 1
Stack: InterfaceSharedXMLSharedTooltipTemplates.lua:101: wtbblue.comage: GameTooltip:SetText(“text” <, color, wrap>)
InterfaceAddOnsBlizzard_CovenantRenownBlizzard_CovenantRenown.lua”>:410: in function <…Blizzard_CovenantRenownBlizzard_CovenantRenown.lua:408>

Locals: self =
Level =
Icon =
Textures =
init = true
Refresh = defined
HexMask =
rewardInfo =

SetInfo = defined
TryInit = defined
info =
ApplyAlpha = defined
Check =
index = 6
HighlightTexture =
RefreshTooltip = defined

Any advice?

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