How To Fix Minecraft Custom Skin Not Showing [EASY FIX]!

Why are you Steve? I don't know! Why are
you Steve? Hello everybody and welcome back to
another Kid-A-Loo tutorial! So I am going to be talking
a little bit today about the skin issue on the pocket edition version. So a lot
of times your skin will default to the Steve
or the Alex character, so I am going to be talking about two things, number one, how to fix
it back to your custom skin, but secondly how to fix it
if you are playing with friends and you can't see each other's skins in the game,
so two things. First thing, let's go ahead and talk
about the profile picture here when it is not your custom skin.

So all
you need to do really simply and easily is go into "Profile",
you may already have a saved skin out here so you can just click that and
you'll be good to go. If it is not already out here, what we
want to do is go to "Edit Character" and then we are going to go to this button right here with the multiple characters on it and we are going to
click on the "Owned" button and mine is already
imported otherwise this will be like a blank
shadow character and you can click that to import your
Minecraft skin right here. Then it will be in your "Owned" list
right here and then you can just back up and
back up one more time and then make sure it is selected on this page
and then we will go ahead and go back to profile.
And there you go it is showing up now in the game so you can play with this.
Okay so now that we've got our character sorted here and we want to join
a level with a friend let's go ahead and click play and I'm gonna look
for some friends and I'm going to join Art Princess in
her world.

Okay so I am in Art Princess's world and
as you can see she is the Steve character. Why are you
Steve? I don't know! Why are you Steve?
Ahhh, so there's still an issue here with the skin so AP can you see my skin or
do I look like Steve to you? Uh, I can see your skin. You can see my
skin, but i can't see your skin but on your screen
you see your skin? Yes. Okay so there's still an issue with the skins and I'm
going to show you a quick setting to fix that right now.

Okay guys so what we
need to do is go back out to the settings
and there is a setting in here under the "Profile",
"General" and then under "Profile" and then if you scroll down
you will see a button that says "Only Allow Trusted Skins", now that
has something to do with the marketplace and only showing skins that are
purchased or bought through the marketplace I
believe, so if you turn that off and then go ahead
and get back out resume the game. Boom!
It is fixed, so now I can see AP's skin the game is allowing it. I don't know why the
game defaults to "Only Allow Trusted Skins" but that is
a setting so when you click that off that should
fix your issue with being able to see your friend's skin,
and then you can play games together do videos whatever you want to do.
So I hope that little skin tutorial helped you guys out
and helped you fix your custom skins in the game.
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video! Bye!

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