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Exception_Access_Violation MinecraftException_Access_Violation Minecraft

Minecraft users encounter various errors while starting it on Windows PCs. Sometimes, it fails to start and crashes by showing this error message, Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft.

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Then this article shows the best ways to resolve this issue and make Minecraft start successfully. Along with the tricks, we are also offering tips to avoid this error in the future.

Minecraft is regarded as one of the best video games designed by using the Java Programming Language. It gains more popularity all over the world.

Due to some mistakes or causes, it blocks the game to start on our PCs. Without any prior notifications, the game suddenly crashes while trying to launch it. It simply displays the Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft error with the error code 0XC0000005.

No need to worry at all because there are workable methods that can undoubtedly fix this problem. Check the below paragraphs for more information about this Minecraft issue.

Problem Overview

Gamers install different kinds of games on their Windows PCs and other devices. We have various categories of games, like Action, Adventure, Shooting, Racing, etc.

Some people love to play action-role games, and others may interest in racing sequence games. Minecraft is the sandbox video game, which is still popular even though it was released in 2011.

Millions of users are downloaded and still downloading on their Windows PCs. All this credit goes to Markus Notch Persson, who is the creator of this Minecraft game.

Though we relax our mind and enjoy it a lot while playing it on our PCs, it makes us frustrates by not launching it. When we try to start it, it will not show any response instead, showing an error stating, Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft.

The reasons for this error message are given below, so please go through them.

If you complete reading the above reasons, then move to the next paragraphs to know the methods that fix the Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft.

Related Problems

The users who are engaged with this Minecraft issue can also look at some other problems related to it. Fix those errors using the methods given in this section.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The basic troubleshooting methods that might help you in fixing the Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft are as follows.

Most of the time, the cause of this Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft is within your Windows computer. It means the applications running on your PC might lead to the occurrence of this error.

If there are multiple processes or apps running on the device, pick up all those unwanted ones and turn them off. Using Task Manager, we can shut down the unneeded processes.

After completing the task, launch the Minecraft game and see the error is fixed or not

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Due to installing or uninstalling the programs/games, storage of a huge amount of data, the junk on your PC is increased. Everyone knows very well that junk data degrades computer performance.

Apart from that, it does not allow any app or game to run on the system. In such a case, the best way is to clean the computer using the top-most PC Cleaning utility.

From the best of the best, we recommend the CCleaner to scan the computer and list out the junk data, temporary files, log data, unwanted apps, etc.

It enhances the disk space and boosts up the system. Thus, you will never face any kind of problem while starting the Minecraft game.

Steps To Fix Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft Issue

Didn’t you solve the Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft with the basic tricks? Then check out the advanced methods given below. Follow the procedure in order to escape from simple mistakes.

Reinstall Java Runtime Environment

If you have installed the Java Components wrongly or if they corrupted, then the Minecraft game will not launch on your PC.

In this situation, the best option is reinstalling those Java Components again on the device.

But before going to reinstall, you have to remove all those unsuccessfully installed Java items from the PC.

After deleting, open Java’s official website and download the Software Libraries Installer. Once finishing the installation process, restart the Windows device.

Now, try to launch the Minecraft game and check whether it runs perfectly or not.

Upgrade Display Adapters

In the earlier posts only, we intimate about the importance of display adapters while playing the games. In order to play any video game, especially this Minecraft, the graphics card drivers have to up-to-date.

If there are outdated or not compatible with the PC, then Minecraft will definitely raise error codes. One such error code that you will see while launching this sandbox video game is 0XC0000005.

To resolve this 0XC0000005 or Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft, you have to install the latest GPU drivers. For doing that, follow the below steps.

If you face the same issue again, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the display adapters. Some users have fixed it after reinstalling the GPU drivers.

Check for the Game Conflicts

Have you installed Data Execution Prevention (DEP) on your computer? DEP is one of the best software that does not any malware-infected codes to run on our devices.

If it is enabled, then our PC is very secure from any kind of corrupted data. The users who are using DEP encounter problems while trying to launch the Minecraft game.

Since Data Execution Prevention thinks the Minecraft game is a malicious game, it will not allow to start it on the desktop. To resolve this problem, you have to make the DEP allow the game by adding it to the ignore list.

Run Minecraft on your computer and see the error code still appears or not.

Modify the Options File

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Some users reported that they resolved the Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft simply by changing the Options file. You have to do exactly what we mentioned in the below steps.

Thus, you will never come across the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

Turn Off User Account Control (UAC)

Is User Account Control or UAC enabled on your Windows PC? If so, then it is one of the major causes of this EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

Some games conflict with the User Account Control, and in that list, Minecraft is one. If we want to run the sandbox game without any issues, then disable UAC on your Windows 10.

Start playing Minecraft game and check the error still exists or disappeared.

Use Dedicated Graphics Card

Using an inbuilt graphics card causes some kinds of issues while playing high-quality games. If that’s the case, then Minecraft also shows the error due to this Integrated GPU card.

In this situation, it’s better to switch to the Dedicated Graphics Card. By following this simple trick, so many gamers have successfully overcome the error and started playing the game on their PCs & laptops.

We would recommend you try this technique and check your luck in fixing the error.

Reinstall Minecraft

Finally, we suggest you uninstall and reinstall Minecraft on your Windows PC. If the game didn’t launch even after trying the above methods, then it is better to reinstall the game.

First of all, remove the existing installation file from your computer. After that, reinstall and launch Minecraft to play without any hurdles. Click here to visit the official website of Minecraft

Tips To Avoid Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft

Contact Official Support

People of all aged groups love to play this sandbox video game on their Windows computers. It is so simple to download and set up Minecraft on the devices.

In the same manner, it is not a difficult task to fix the problem whenever encounters on the systems. And that confidence makes you resolve the Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft.

But if you can’t start Minecraft after applying the above tricks, we would like you to refer to some genuine forums and communities.

When none of the ways help you, directly contact Minecraft’s technical support members. By explaining your issue, they will quickly respond and provide their best assistance.

Final Words: Conclusion

Therefore, in the end, Minecraft users always remember that follow the basic tips and tricks whenever they face any issue.

If you can’t start Minecraft for any reason, then surely one of the above methods will fix it. So, don’t worry about these little breakdowns.

After fixing this Exception_Access_Violation Minecraft or error code 0XC0000005, post the method that helped you. Even we welcome your thoughts or suggestions, or queries at any time.

Subscribe to our blog and get the benefit of streaming the top-most troubleshooting guides. Finally, take your time and comment on this valuable post by leaving a message below.

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