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Hello,I have actually the 2014 Razer Naga, and also for the most component, it is a really nice computer mouse. But the scroll wheel on it appears to be damaged. Whenever before I try to scroll down the web page, it starts to go crazy and scroll in the opposite direction. I"ve check out into it and tright here seems to be a lot of difficulties favor this with the Razer Naga. I was wondering if anyone else is enduring this same difficulty and also are tright here methods of resolving it? luck fixing it. Just follow this awesome video. Next time avoid Razer, relicapability nightmares. luck addressing it. Just follow this awesome video. Next off time stop Razer, relicapacity nightmares.

See more: wow best profession for shaman this video, just blow right into the gap between scroll wheel and buttons. Use a straw to increase performance. just addressed all my problems.

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