How To Flag For Pvp Wow – Flagged For Pvp Outside Of War Mode

Ok, I know the basic: on a PvP server, everyone is flagged on a Contested Zone, enemy players are flagged on other's faction areas, you are not flagged on your own faction's zone. The difference on PvE servers is just that you can unflag on Contested Areas. But how the rest work? What happens if you kill a NPC? Is there any difference if it is a civillian? And about the 5 minutes rule? I'd like to get a complete explanation avout this. Couldn't find anything good on internet. Ty.

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Here’s the things that will flag you in a pve server.

Healing someone that’s flagged, Attacking someone/npc that is ‘flagged’, Entering enemy capital, Leaving a bg , Type /pvp,

And unless you typed /pvp or if you are chilling in an enemy capital, you will be unflagged after 5 minutes

Players with PvP enabled can fight enemy players with PvP enabled just like on PvP servers, when you drop pvp there is a 5 min delay before pvp is turned off at which point enemy players no longer can attack you.

PvE servers work more or less the same as war mode in BFA. It's an opt in pvp system.

Edit: If you zone into an enemy city you will be flagged. If you attack or are attacked by an enemy npc you will be flagged. If you heal or rez someone who is flagged you'll be flagged. You will then start a 5 min timer that when it ends you will become unflagged again unless you engage in more pvp activities before the timer is up.

The timer does tick down while dead so if you accidentally wander into an enemy camp and get flagged by a guard just go to the bathroom or something before rezing and you should be unflagged when you come back.

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Ok, you're flagged when entering an enemy city. But does you get flagged when on a zone controlled by the opposite faction? If not, that's another difference from PvE to PvP.

Beware using AoE if there is a stealthed rogue or druid around. If they take damage that will flag you (and is not an entirely rare trick). Also be careful of hunters naming their pet the same name as random animals in the area (e.g. “boar”) and using eyes of the beast to control it. They trick you into attacking their pet so you get flagged.

These won't happen too frequently but I've seen filthy alliance try both.

If you're going to name your boar pet, name it properly. Like “Alinity” or something. 😉

The difference on PvE servers is just that you can unflag on Contested Areas.

Important thing to remember, it takes a few minutes for your flag to go away after you toggle your PvP flag. To prevent people abusing the swap back and forth. If you engage in PvP combat before your flag gets turned off, it resets it and you have to try and turn it off again. You can basically toggle and sit as a ghost though, if you are trying to avoid being corpse camped.

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What happens if you kill a NPC?

Typically only NPCs in the enemy faction's town. Check for a faction icon when you target them.

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