how to fly with a trident in minecraft without water

Minecraft's 1.13 Update Aquatic introduced a new exotic weapon called trident. Almost every weapon in Minecraft is medieval themed, like swords, bows, axes, and crossbows. Players bored with them can try playing with trident instead.

Trident is the first weapon in Minecraft that can be used both as melee and ranged. Sadly, the trident is also one of the rarest weapons to obtain. Tridents can only be obtained by killing drowned holding tridents. There is an 8.5-11.5% chance for a drowneds to drop the trident it's having.

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With the addition of tridents, Mojang also added four exclusive enchantments: Impaling, Channeling, Loyalty, and Riptide. Using enchantments, players can do crazy things with their tridents, like flying into the sky.

Flying in Minecraft using tridents

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Some players may not know that elytra isn't the only way to fly in Minecraft. Players can fly at high speeds using tridents. To do so, players will first have to obtain a trident in Minecraft.

Tridents can be obtained only by killing drowneds who have tridents. Due to their low drop rate and spawning rate, players can have a hard time finding a trident. Players can build a drowned farm to get some tridents in Minecraft.

Riptide III is best for traveling (Image via Mojang)

Tridents dropped by drowneds have low durability points. Players will have to enchant them with mending and then restore their durability points. After that, players will have to apply riptide enchantment to their tridents.

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Riptide enchantment allows players to fly by throwing it. Players will need to be in the water to throw the trident. When they throw the trident, it will take the player along in the facing direction. Players can also use riptide-enchanted tridents in rain or snowfall to fly.

During rain/snowfall, players can fly forever by throwing tridents enchanted with the riptide. On sunny days, riptide-tridents can be used to launch players into the sky from where they can fly with elytra.

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