I have been trying to freeze a player (without using potion effect, which gives zoom) at another entity's location but be able to look around.

Đang xem: How to freeze your minecraft

RCB: /execute at
p ~ ~ ~
This gives me the desired output on the single player world, but for some reason, it does not work on a 1.13.2 server.

With that command on the server, I am able to walk around but I cannot access any command block and if I rejoin the game, it places me where I am supposed to be. This is especially strange since if I run /tp
p 0 0 0 (to a specific coordinate} works correctly, just not at the right location.

Any workarounds besides, slowing down the command, which does help a bit.

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Current Idea: I tried to implement a movement (walk, crouch, sprint, fall, jump) scoreboard and when any scores are greater than 0 then it activates the command. This is a poor way of doing it since it collects all players stats and I don't want that to happen + the fewer commands the better.

Thank you in advance.

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mew can also use potion effects to make them not move. Slowness 255 and jump boost 137 means they cant move at all. Then mew can just teleport them there once and give them the potion effects for as long as mew want then to be frozen or until a clear effect command is run

Summon an armour stand at the player. Constantly teleport them to the armour stand. Of course the armour Stand is invisible, nogravity, marker etc. If you use a looping function rather than a looping command block the teleporting will be much smoother so the player does not seemingly glitch when moving forward or falling

Hey in order for me to help I'm just a little confused about one thing. How do you want to determine which player is supposed to be frozen?

p is the certain player who is frozen, after performing a certain action, the player will get the tag, and

unfortunately, this is the command that doesn't want to work on my server. It works fine in the single player, but not on the server itself.

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resource pack

I assume it is the shulker boxes, invisible. I need a player to be able to look around as well and shoot a trident so this one might not work. Thank you tho!


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