how to get 100 fps in minecraft

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What”s up guys? Today i”m going to show you a really long tutorial on how to (if lucky) get over 100 fps in Minecraft. (must have windows 7)

I did this with my laptop acer aspire 5750g no its not even a gaming computer I think and I get over 300 fps sometimes.

You must have over 3g ram and windows 7.

The hard start
If you really want fps I highly recommend you to backup your computer to the time where you purchased it, if you can”t figure out how there is always tutorials on youtube on everything I will tell you here.

The Software
Next up you want to install iobit advanced system care, iobit malware fighter, smart defrag 3, and java jdk instead of normal java.

All the iobit programs is easy to use also smart defrag 3, fully use them, at the advanced system care one click all options and then start, also make a full scan with iobit malware fighter, then fully use smart defrag 3 (just defrag)

Now locate yourself to the control panel (first press the windows button in your toolbar, then click controlpanel)
Once you are there click system and security, if you can”t find it search RAM. If you searched ram press show the amount of ram in your computer or something like that but if you found the system and security tab, you should press something called show the amount of ram and processor speed/performance or something like that.

Now it says installed ram: (a number) then remember that number, (it must be over 3 for this to work and you should have backed up your computer so you can have some free space) I got 6g ram.

Now open up your minecraft (or install it again since you probably backed up your computer) click edit profile, then there is a thing called jvm arguments, check it and change the number to how much G ram you got, then press save profile.

Razer game booster
There is this program called razer game booster (made by the gaming company razer)

Download it press boost game and so. you can also drag and drop other games into it to defrag them and boost them up

I only know how to do this if you got the NVIDIA graphics card and/or intel processor.

First start off by right clicking your background and press NVIDIAs controlpanel choose handle 3D settings or something like that, now press global settings, choose maximum/high performance NVIDIA processor and if you know much about computers, also change the settings manually for even higher FPS.

Now press the section over that one, it got a really long name so I wont write it down, then press use my chosen Prominence (thats what google translate said it said) then drag the line thingy to performance.

Then once again right click your background and press graphic properties or something like that.
It should look like this:

But in your language ofcourse.
Then press advanced mode and then ok.
Now clickely click 3D and drag the thingy wingy to performance and press apply!

Laptop only
If you don”t got a laptop, I guess you are done congratz.

But if you got a laptop there is still things left to do, first right click your battery icon (located at the bottom left) press change screen brightness. Here you can choose to keep the razer game booster power plan or use your laptops own one, called maximum/high performance if you didn”t download razer game booster or just want to help a friend real quick to boost their computer with 10%, then use the high performance one. note: Your computer can get more overheated and will require more battery power.

Well I believe you are done now, congratz! 😀

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And as always, stay AWESOME!
Cya later in whatever I will post next! ♣ 😀 ♥ 😀 ♠

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