Unmuch less you have been hiding under a rock, then you will certainly have heard all about Minecraft and its wonderful ability for its players to build practice civilizations, but even more specifically the ability for more progressed players to host their very own Minecraft servers offering them the adaptability of inviting their friends to connect in a customised, exclusive however shared multiplayer experience.

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To take it one step even more, you can use straightforward to remember, custom domain names to provide out to your friends.

This means you have the right to sfinish your friends your tradition Minecraft server address prefer listed below.

BEFORE: 7abe6d65e50e.eu.minecraft.netAFTER: joes-custom-minecraft-server.com

Much cooler right!?

Getting Started via a custom Minecraft doprimary name

Before you start, you require 3 points.

The IP attend to of your Minecraft server.

In this tutorial, the dns zone file will certainly be edited with the Cpanel zone file editor.

Once you have your practice Minecraft domajor registered and also you have a Cpanel organized account which allows you to modify the dns settings for the tradition doprimary, you are ready to start configuring the zone file.

NOTE: The default port for Minecraft servers is: 25565 but if you have a various port, then obviously in the procedures below insert your practice Minecraft port.

Configuring the Minecraft custom domajor in Cpanel

In the instance below, Joe wants to offer his frifinish the complying with domain name so they have the right to affix to his custom Minecraft server.

Joes practice minecraft domain: joes-custom-minecraft-server.com

Login to CpanelIn the search bar type: zone editor and you will watch the Zone Editor symbol appear. 
After you have clicked on the Zone Editor icon, you will view your tradition Minecraft doprimary name in the list favor listed below. Click on the Manage switch to start modifying the doprimary.
Now you will see a list of zone file settings for your tradition Minecraft domajor. For the purpose of this tutorial we have actually removed all unnecessary entries choose MX and SPF and so on.

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Now we will certainly carry out two things.A. Edit the A Name document (easy)B. Add an SRV document (little even more advanced)So click on the Edit switch beside the A Record enattempt.
Go into the IP of your Minecraft server right into the Record field as shown listed below.

Now you need to add an SRV record for your tradition Minecraft domain. Click on the Add Record button.
Now you will check out the options to configure your new document, so initially step is to choose the SRV record form from the kind dropdvery own.
When you pick the SRV document from the form menu, some new areas will certainly show up.
Now you must enter the values for the SRV settings.These are the worths for these areas.Name: _minecraft._tcpPriority: 0Weight: 5Port: 25565Target: joes-custom-minecraft-server.comWhen you are prepared, click the Add Record switch apply the settings for the practice domajor.
Now you have to check out the display favor this reflecting your tradition Minecraft doprimary configured and also all set to go.

Your domajor name should be ready to go and you have the right to distribute your tradition Minecraft domain name to your friends.

How to check if the A Record and also SRV documents are working?

If you are making use of a MAC, then just open terminal and also type the complying with command also in the terminal command also line.

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nslookup -q=SRV _minecraft._tcp.joes-custom-minecraft-server.com

As long as you did everything appropriately on the cpanel side, this “should” produce the following outcomes.

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