How To Get A Glider In Wow, Fastest Way To Get A Goblin Glider

I'm back with my second Simple Gold Tip. A series where I focus on gold tips with very low barriers to entry that you can use to generate starting capital or some side income. Today I will look at a very useful item: Goblin Glider Kits.

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This is a very simple and quick gold tip. Goblin Glider Kits are a very useful item. They will give you a set of wings and allow you to glide far away. You can use it to jump of cliffs and ensure a safe landing. This is still very useful as there is no flying in The Broken Isles. As a general gameplay tip I would highly recommend keeping a couple of stacks around and keybound. I use them to speed up world quests tremendously. You can even jump straight off the flight path in dalaran and just glide into Suramar City.

More importantly maybe the usefulness of the item means there is ample demand.


The only requirement for crafting these is draenor engineering. You learn the recipe from the Secrets of Draenor Engineering scroll. You could learn engineering on an alt, go to Stormshield (or the Horde equivalent) and buy the secrets from the respective vendor. Then you can just start crafting. Currently the profit on my server is 14g per, over a crafting cost of 7g.

This also means that this is a very easy way to level Engineering. You will actually make gold doing it.

Thats 200% profit.

Heres my TSM Sales summary. I have not been doing this much, but as you can see, I have sold for 4,1k the last week. My crafting cost is around 1,5k. So that's 2,5k very easy profit.

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Pretty good. They sell extremely fast too, so I could probably have sold way more of these.

They cost 8 True Iron Ore and 5 fur. Both can be farmed if you want, but the auction house will generally have a decent supply, I suggest just buying.

I sell them in stacks of 20, and they generally move really fast.

I use the following TSM group and operation for selling these. Now go craft some and sell them.

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Justin Searle says:

The guide is great, it is very plausible. But, if you're gonna make a guide, you should definitely include all the information. How much does this cost me? What ALL do i need? or just some basic guidelines to get the reader to the desired position to make the Goblin Glider Kits. For instance, if i didn't know better i would go do exactly what you said, then be a little annoyed that you didn't mention that you're gonna have to spend over 500 gold just to get to where you need to be, the archlight spanner is only usable by level 50 engineers. So you would need to get your engineering to level 50, not just go pick up engineering buy the mats for the glider and start making it, its a little more complicated than that.

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