How To Get A Pet Dragon In Minecraft, Go To Hatch A Ender Dragon From A Egg &Ndash Mee

How about having a dragon of your own? in any sizes (dog size dragon or Ender dragon size) watching them grow from a baby hatchling to an adult, including with its own elemental powers, and where you have to find it specifically like; water dragons will be in the sea in temples, fire dragons at the volcanos or dungeons, earth dragons at the forests/jungle temples, nether dragons at the netherworld, cave dragons at the caves or abandoned mines, etc. they should also have the distinct color and design of their elemental powers.

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I”d support this as a graphical concept, basically as a pet that looked super cool, but I suspect their interaction with the world in therform of “powers” would be highly problematic and have a staggering list of unintended consequences.

Perhaps it would be mainly visual (the powers like frost breath just being blue fire or something like that but have weakness”s and restistence to stuff depending on where they hatch instead of being found. Maybe you could breed dragons to get eggs too? All right last thing in this very very disorganized comment perhaps they could be as tall as a horse and 4 blocks wide.

I think you should be able to hatch the dragon egg, and raise a dragon from the size of an ocelot to about the size of the wither. It would have five sizes: ocelot, wolf, cow, horse, wither.

It would get stronger with every size it grows it would get stronger, dealing more damage and with more health.

yes but really hard to keep as pets. you would constantly have to feed it something special or put it in line so that it follows commands: like letting you ride it.

I was thinking more like mods and dragons like for example how to train your dragon add some of those types of dragons please thanks.

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Yes, i have liked dragons ever since i was a little girl (yes, i am a girl) and have downloaded Addons and mods for dragons but they are sometimes hard to download so i think it would be easier to just have them in the game already.

Pet dragons are among the things I most want to see in, so I upvoted. Still, I would hope they are relatively small and not overly powerful, even if they are rideable as adults. That way they won”t be overpowered.

What if the Ravager have a tiny probability to drops a special saddle that only you can use on a dragon baby which you have to wait too many days (calendar days) to grow up?

Each biome could have specific breeds of dragon that could be caught and tamed using various methods specific to the breed you are looking to obtain as a buddy/pet.

For example; A blizzard dragon only found in Arctic tundra biomes that only spawns during a certain time of day or night and can only be tamed with fish, or maybe you need to arrange a certain type of block like say maybe Blue Ice in a pattern or structure that in turn allows you to summon/spawn it in order to fight/tame it.

Or a dragon that can only be found during thunder storms?Some more common dragons could spawn like any other mob in their respective biomes, but other more uncommon breeds require the player to complete certain tasks specific to that breed.

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The Ender Dragon could be a Legendary you have a chance to obtain for completing The End, giving players a common goal to work towards.

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