How To Get A Plot In Minecraft, Minecraft Bukkit Plugin

I decided to make a thread about something, so I chose a tutorial why not. This is a guide for those people who ask things like “how do i set plot time” or “how do i let someone sit on my plot”Getting a Plot, Teleporting to Plots/plot auto – use this to get a random plot to own and build on/plot claim – use this while flying or standing on an unclaimed plot to make it your own/plot h – teleports to your plot, specify a number for other plots/plot visit

– teleports to another player's plotAllowing People to Build on Your Plot, or Removing Them:/plot add – allows specified player to build on your plot while you are online, no worldedit access/plot trust – allows specified player to build on your plot 24/7, and lets them use worldedit/plot remove – revokes specified player of building and worldedit on your plot/plot deny – banishes specified player from your plot, so they cannot enter at all/plot undeny – allows the specified player to enter your plot again/plot kick – sends the specified player to spawn, away from your plot, but they can come backPlot Configuration and Basic Commands/plot i – shows information about the current plot you are in (i.e. owner(s), flags, name, who is added, etc)/plot list – lists all plots, can filter to plots you own, added on, donor plots, etc/plot help – lists commands for the plugin/plot merge – merges current plot with another in certain directions; both plots need to confirm/plot unlink – un-merges plots/plot biome – sets current plot to a biome; /plot biome for list of all biomes/plot delete – clears current plot, also unclaiming it; needs confirmation/plot clear – clears current plot; needs confirmation/plot confirm – confirms an action that needs confirmation (above)/plot alias – sets the plot alias, no spaces, shown in the sidebar labeled as “> Plot Name:”/plot chat – – toggles plot chat on or off; chat that can only be seen on specific plot/plot set home – sets the spot where you will appear when teleporting to the plotBasic Plot Flag Commands/plot flag list – lists all configurable flags; may not have permission for all/plot flag set – configures a flag to one specific value/plot flag add – adds a command or block to a flag, specifically a PlotBlockList flag, (i.e. use, break, place)/plot flag remove – removes a flag, cancelling it's effectsUseful Flags and Common Flags/plot flag set time must be a whole number; sets the time of day on your plot-6000 for noon (sun-wise-18000 for midnight (moon-wise)/plot flag add use allows players to “use” or right-click blocks; dispensers, furnaces, etc-Can do it on stairs to allow players to sit-Doing /plot flag set use instead only allows one block to be allowed, stick with /plot flag add use-To check item IDs press F3 and H at the same time, and look in your inventory-ID list “use” with “place” or “break” allows players to place or break specified blocks/plot flag set greeting – displays a message to players who enter your plot-i.e. “Welcome to my plot! :D”-can use colors, can have spaces-for colors, type /colors in-game-replace “greeting” with “farewell” to display a message when the player leaves the plot/plot flag set gamemode – sets players to a specific gamemode when entering the plot/plot flag set weather – sets the plot weather; must be “clear” or “rain”-to make it snow, set to rain and change biome (/plot biome) to a snowy biome (i.e.

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“COLD_TAIGA”)/plot flag set instabreak – Allows players in survival to instantly break blocks/plot flag set pvp – Allows players to attack eachother/plot flag set pve – Allows players to attack entities/plot flag set hostile-attack – Allows players to attack hostile mobs (zombies, spiders, etc)/plot flag set tamed-attack – Allows players to attack tamed mobs (dogs, horses, etc)/plot flag set animal-attack – Allows players to attack peaceful mobs (pigs, cows, etc)/plot flag set vehicle-place – Allows players to place vehicles (boats, minecarts)/plot flag set vehicle-use – Allows players to get inside of vehicles/plot flag set vehicle-break – Allows players to destroy vehicles/plot flag set disable-physics – Disables plot physics (sand and gravel falling) (maybe leaf decay, not tested)/plot flag set fly – Allows or disables flying in a plot/plot flag set notify-enter – Notifies the plot owner when a player enters the plot/plot flag set notify-leave – Notifies the plot owner when a player leaves the plot/plot flag set titles – Displays a title when entering the plot/plot flag set no-worldedit – Disabled worldedit on the plotMisc. Commands/astools – Armor Stand configuration tools – guide Here/colors – Displays color codes for chat, signs, nicknames, and plot names/greetings/nick – For donors, changes your name in chat (i.e. “ ~NICKNAME: Hello”)/msg – Well-known command, use to message others/tpa – Teleport to another player/tpahere – Have another player teleport to you/tpaccept – Accept a teleportation request/ignore – Ignore another player, you cannot see them chat or teleport to you/setwarp – For designers and up, can set a warp for others to go to/warp – Teleport to a warp/sethome – Sets a home/home – Teleports to your home/gms – Sets you into survival/gmc – Sets you into creative/speed – sets your speed when flying or walking/vote – Vote for the server, reward for creative is worldedit/server – Leave creative for another server on – Gives a player head/skull – Above/headshop – Opens a GUI with heads to grab/ci – Clears your inventory/kit – Gives you a kit (the only kit as of now is /kit vote)/hat – Put something on your head/v – Become invisible/tps – View TPS of last 1, 5, and 15 minutes/gc – View debug information, such as current TPS/getpos – Get current coordinates and rotation of yourself/rules – View server rules/realname – View the real name of a nickname, or player/spawn – Go to the spawn/seed – Get the seed of the world/motd – View the world M.O.T.D./report – Sends an in-game report to staff for them to help you/links – Displays links for media, etcBasic Worldedit Commands//wand – Gives you the worldedit wand//pos1 – Sets your first position//pos2 – Sets your second position//set – Sets selected area into block(s) of choice//walls – Creates a wall made out of block of coice around selected area//copy – Copies the selected area//cut – Cuts the selected area//paste – Pastes the selected area//rotate – Rotates current selection on clipboard (must //copy or //cut first)//pyramid – Creates a pyramid//sphere – Creates a sphere//cyl – Creates a cylinder//undo – Undoes the last action//redo – Redoes the last action that was undoneMCPainter Commands/mcpainter – List of all mcpainter tasks/mcpainter – Run specified task (list in command above)Extra Information-Some of these commands do require specific ranks, they can be obtained for money at the server store-Type “!” in front of all your chat messages to talk in global chat-Guests and members have 100×100 plots and donators have 500×500 plots-Vote 10 times for member rankThat's AllIf this guide helped you in any way, then please give me feedback. Tell me if I made a mistake


, or if I should add a command in :p. Hope you enjoyed!

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