how to get android minecraft to connect to lan server

Minecraft is a great way to connect with friends and other players.

So, how does a player join another's private world? They can join friends on Minecraft Pocket Edition and Bedrock, hop on a LAN server (Java), or connect to a realm. Here's an overview of what is to follow:

Reading: how to get android minecraft to connect to lan server

  • Join using LAN (Java)
  • Join through friends (PE and Bedrock)
  • Connect to a realm

Minecraft players connecting with others in 2021

#1 – Java

To join another player's world on Java edition, which is for PC, the host must open their world to LAN.

The LAN setting in the Java edition (Image via Minecraft)

Sharing a network

Those sharing a network/wi-fi will be able to access the other player's world by going to the multiplayer menu and scrolling until they see the “scanning for games on your local network” option. The world will pop up and be accessible to those on that network.

Joining at a distance

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Joining a Minecraft LAN server from a distance can be tricky. The host must provide the LAN number (5 digits) and their IP address to the person wanting to join.

To join, the gamer can click “direct connect” and type in the IP address, including periods with a colon right after the final digit. The player should then type in the LAN number. The code they've placed in should have zero spaces between the character.

#2 – Minecraft PE & Bedrock

To join other people's worlds in Pocket Edition, gamers must open the app and tap play. At the top, there should be three tabs: worlds, friends, and servers. They can tap on friends and join one who's playing (or text them to notify them).

If a player does not have friends, they can add them through their gamer tag. The same process applies to Bedrock, which is generally installed on Xbox.

Accessing the marketplace in the game (Image via Minecraft)

#3 – Realms and the Marketplace

Realms are also an option for Minecraft PE, Bedrock, and Java players to join their friends. This must occur through an invite; if the host doesn't request the player to join, it's not available.

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While Minecraft realms do cost money, they have proven to be worth it. Many players have purchased a subscription to play with friends.

The Minecraft Marketplace is also an excellent way to add some adventure when gaming with friends.

Playing Minecraft with others positively adds to the game. Every gamer should join another player on their private server or realm and maybe even host a game in their own world!

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