how to get artifact power for underlight angler

The new Legion expansion brings us a great deal of artifact weapons. Included in these artifacts, Blizzard has introduced a fishing artifact: Underlight Angler. This fishing pole includes bonuses such as the chance to fish up an entire node in one cast, the ability to teleport to nearby fishing pools, and even a druid-like fish form when underwater. In this guide, I”ll go over the necessary requirements to attain and power up this artifact fishing pole.


To get this artifact you need to meet the following requirements:

Level 110A fishing level of 800. You”ll more than likely have this done by the time you finish the achievement below.Obtain the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement.(Optional) To earn this achievement, you must catch 18 different rare fish scatted throughout the Broken Isles. To do this, you must first catch rare bait and then use this to catch the rare fish. The drop rate of the rare bait can be quite low, but once you catch it you can usually catch the relevant rare fish every time(at least with the drop rates on the beta anyways). To make things easier on yourself, you can increase your chance to catch the rare bait by visiting Conjurer Margoss. He will sell you an item to increase the chance of acquiring the rare bait by a substantial amount.

Bigger Fish to Fry

We”ll start here as it is certainly the most involved of the three requirements. It can take quite a while to complete depending on your luck. As mentioned above, for the most part the process goes like this:

Catch a rare bait by fishing anywhere within a zoneUse the bait to get a 2 minute buff that gives you a chance to catch a rare fishFish up the actual rare fish within your short, 2 minute time window

Before going through all of the fish and their associated baits, let”s talk about how we can speed up the process of catching the bait.

(Optional) Conjurer Margoss

This guy sells an item, the Arcane Lure, which will double your chance on getting the rare bait on each and every cast for 10 minutes. Although this isn”t required, it saves you a lot of time in the long run.

Conjurer Margoss lives on an island northwest of Dalaran. In order to get there, visit the the black market waters located in the sewers of dalaran:

Here you”ll find green shimmering whorls. Fish in them until you receive an item: Emblem of Margoss. This item will teleport you to his island. Note that is one-time use only. So, you”ll need to grab one each time you want to visit the island. Alternatively, you can get to the island by gliding or slowfalling. To do this, head to the northwestern area of Dalaran where you”ll see a hole in the wall:

Head through the wall and you should see an island with a pond in the distance:

To reach it, use a Goblin Glider Kit, slowfall, the demon hunter glide, etc.

Once there, talk to Margoss and accept his quest. Start fishing in the nearby pond until you fish up a Drowned Mana. This is used as currency for this npc, and we”ll need it to purchase Arcane Lure. These have a cost of 1 Drowned Mana each, and in general you”ll need 20-40 of them depending on your luck. It can take a while, but in the long run it”ll save you a lot of time.

Anyways let”s finally move on to the achievement. As mentioned above, there are 18 rare fish across six zones: Azsuna, Val”sharah, Stormheim, Highmountain, Suramar, and the ocean, which can be accessed in any of those zones.

Note #1: It is speculated that you have a higher chance to fish up both the bait and the rare fish if you fish in the various pools tied to each zone rather than the open water. Although this isn”t 100% confirmed, reports from players who have obtained this artifact generally support it. It is also speculated that fishing skill may also have a positive effect on your catch rate, so it may be a good idea to use items such as the Worm Supreme to maximize your chances. If you have any data supporting or denying this speculation, please share it in the comments below.

Đang xem: How to get artifact power for underlight angler

In light of this, when you do catch a rare bait you should wait until you find a fishing pool before you apply it to maximize your chances of catching the rare fish.
Note #2: Although the following fish/bait will be numbered, the order in which you catch them will be completely random.
Note #3: Most of the baits are not soulbound, so you can instead purchase them off of the auction house if you don”t want to spend the time fishing them up(although they can be pretty pricey!).
Note #4: If you prefer a video format or you just want to see the fishing/traits in action, I also made a video guide. I”ll have it embedded below:


Start fishing and keep it up until you fish up the Skrog Toenail. Once you do so, you”ll get a 2 minute buff saying that you”re attracting murlocs. After the buff expires, a murloc will attack. Kill it and loot the Aromatic Murloc Slime. Once you use this, you”ll get a 2 minute buff that gives you a chance to fish up the Leyshimmer Blenny. If you don”t catch it before your bait wears off, you”ll need to repeat the process.

This is a bit more straight-forward. Fish until you receive a Pearlescent Conch. Apply the bait and you”ll have two minutes to fish up the Nar”thalas Hermit.

Fish until you receive a Rusty Queenfish Brooch. Once you use this, you gain a 5 minute buff that allows you to see Ghostly Queenfish schools scattered throughout Azsuna. I found mine at in the lake near the Nar”thalas academy(map below). Unlike the previous two rare fish, as long as you”re fishing a Ghostly Queenfish pool you have a 100% chance to get the Ghostly Queenfish.


Fish until you get a Rotten Fishbone. Shortly after using this, a druid will appear and give you your fishing buff. Again, you”ll have two minutes to fish up an Ancient Mossgill.

Fish until you get a Drowned Thistleleaf. Shortly after using it, you”ll get a 5 minute buff that will allow you to catch the Thorned Flounder.

Fish until you get a Nightmare Nightcrawler. As usual, use it to get a 2 minute buff that allows you to fish up the Terrorfin


For bait you need to fish up a Swollen Murloc Egg. Once used, this spawns a baby murloc that will give you two minutes to catch the Mountain Puffer.

This one is similar to the Leyshimmer Blenny in Azsuna. Fish until you get a Funky Sea Snail. Once you do so, you”ll get a 2 minute buff saying you”re attracting a drogbar. True to its word, once the buff expires a drogbar will ambush you. Defeat him to get the Salmon Lure. Apply the bait and you”ll have two minutes to catch the Ancient Highmountain Salmon.

Fish until you get the Frost Worm. Use it and you”ll have two minutes to catch Coldriver Carp.


This one is similar to the Ghostly Queenfish in Azsuna. Fish until you receive an Ancient Vrykul Ring. Apply the bait and you”ll have five minutes in which you can see Oodelfjlisken schools. I found mine at in the Stonescar Gorge(map below), although they are spread out throughout the zone. Just like the Ghostly Queenfish, you”ll have a 100% chance to get Oodelfjisk as long as you”re fishing from an Oodelfjisken pool.

This one is a bit different. Basically, we”ll fish up a rare bait: Moosehorn Hook. This bait allows gives you two minutes to fish up a different rare bait: Silverscale Minnow. Apply this bait and you”ll have two minutes to get the Thundering Stormray.

Fish until you get the Soggy Drakescale. Use it and then you have 2 minutes to fish up the Graybelly Lobster.

Ocean Fish

We”ll work on the ocean fish next. To fish these up, make sure you”re in the "Great Sea" or that you”re fishing in black barracuda schools(found on the coast of any zone). If you”re fishing up anything but the black barracuda(or the world wide silver mackerel) you”re in the wrong spot!

Fish until you get the Stunned, Angry Shark. It expires in one minute, so use it quickly! Kill the shark that spawns and you”ll get Seabottom Squid. Be sure to keep away from its mouth as it flops around or you”ll take heavy damage.

Fish until you get the Message in a Beer Bottle. Open it to get the Axefish Lure. Once applied, you”ll have two minutes to fish up the Axefish.

Fish until you get the Decayed Whale Blubber. Use this item to throw the blubber on the ground. Shortly after using it, a ravenous fly will show up. Click on the fly to receive the bait: Ravenous Fly. Once the bait is applied, you”ll have two minutes to fish up the Ancient Black Barracuda.


Last on our list is Suramar, which is a level 110 zone.

Fish until you get the Enchanted Lure. Once you do so, use it and you”ll have two minutes to fish up the Magic-Eater Frog.

Fish until you get the Demonic Detritus. Once you do so, use it and you”ll have two minutes to fish up the Tainted Runescale Koi.

Fish until you get the Sleeping Murloc. Once you use this, a murloc will spawn and run away in a panic. As he flees, he”ll drop a bunch of fish. Just run over the fish and you”ll automatically loot them. As you do, you”ll get the Seerspine Puffer.

Level 800 Fishing

Usually by the time you finish the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement you”ll already have 800 fishing. As I”m sure you”ve noticed already, all of these rare fish you”ve been catching award you with 5 skill points whenever you use them. If you still aren”t level 800 yet, continue to farm those rare fish.

The Luminous Pearl and Acquiring the Artifact

Now that we have the achievement, level 800 fishing, and we are max level, we can move onto getting the artifact. Once you have these requirements met, every time you fish in a pool you”ll have a chance to catch the Luminous Pearl. I got mine from a runescale koi pool in Suramar 10 minutes after getting the achievement.

Upon fishing up the pearl, you”ll get the Luminous Pearl quest. Follow its instructions and head over to Dalaran to visit our old friend Khadgar. He”ll give you The Dalaran Fountain, which sends you to Marcia Chase near the fountain. Once you turn this is, a pearl will appear in the fountain. Nat Pagle should now show up (re-log if he does not appear) and offer you the Fish Frenzy quest. Accept this quest to bring you into a scenario located on an island infested with murlocs.

For stage one, you have to clear out the island of the surrounding murlocs. For stage two, you must fish up 15 Gloaming Frenzy in a nearby pond. For the third and final stage, you must fish up and slay the murloc boss, Mglrrp.

Once done, you”ll be sent back to Marcia Chase and she”ll award you with the Underlight Angler!

Leveling the Artifact

To level this artifact, you”ll need to return to the Dalaran fountain where your luminous pearl resides. To get the actual artifact power, you”ll need to catch rare fish while the Underlight Angler is equipped. All of the rare fish you”ve been catching will instead award you with 50 artifact power instead of fishing skill as long as you catch them with the angler. Because of this, it”s a good idea to hang onto any excess bait you got while you were knocking out the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement.

The fastest way to farm artifact power is through the Ghostly Queenfish and Oodelfisken schools. Currently in the 7.0.3 beta build, these pools never dissipate. As long as you find a pool immediately after using Rusty Queenfish Brooch or Ancient Vrykul Ring, you”ll be able to fish up 20-30 rare fish from one pool.

Notable Traits

This is a full-blown artifact, just like all of the artifact weapons introduced in the expansion. It will passively increase your fishing skill by 60. Also, it gives you the Underlight ability, which teleports you to the nearest fishing node within 300 yards. You can find the trait calculator here. This artifact also has a variety of helpful traits:

Surface Tension – Allows you to walk on water. Does not work in combat/getting hit. This is very useful for non death knights/shamans as many of the pools in Legion are unreachable unless you can walk on water. Unfortunately, it cannot be used while mounted.Bloodfishing – This gives you a chance to fish up the rareBlood of Sargeras. This is a high level crafting reagent in the Legion expansion.Fishrender”s Blessing – Transforms you into a fish when underwater, granting you greatly increased swim speed and underwater breathing. This is like the druid”s aquatic form(although it”s faster). It persists through combat, even when you are getting hit.Better Luck Next Time – This allows you to catch up pairs of boots when fishing in the broken isles.

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Way of the Flounder – This gives you a stealth effect and reduces your aggro range by 5 yards whenever you have your line castIncreased bait duration – Each point you put into the artifact increases the duration of your bait by 8%. You can see this by mousing over the top-left icon in your trait tree.

Minor Traits

There are also some traits that give you a chance to fish an entire pool of fish in one cast(3 ranks each):

Mossgill Perch Angling – Grants a chance to fish up an entire school of Mossgill Perch in one cast.Cursed Queenfish Angling – Grants a chance to fish up an entire school ofCursed Queenfish in one cast.Highmountain Salmon Angling – Grants a chance to fish up an entire school of Highmountain Salmon in one cast.Stormray Angling – Grants a chance to fish up an entire school of Stormray in one cast.

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Runescale Koi Angling – Grants a chance to fish up an entire school of Runescale Koi in one cast.Black Barracuda Angling – Grants a chance to fish up an entire school of Black Barracuda in one cast.


And that”s all there is to it! Hopefully now you have a solid understanding of how to get this artifact, and if it”s worth your time or not. Once again if you prefer a video format or you want to see these traits in action, I also have a video version of this guide here. Regardless I hope you found this guide helpful, and if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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