How To Get Camel Mount Wow, Reins Of The Grey Riding Camel

The Grey Riding Camel is a Rare Mount added in Cataclysm that drops from Dormus the Camel-Hoarder. In this guide we”ll go over how to get the Grey Riding Camel, including a few tips and tricks, spawn points, spawn timers, recommended addons, useful macros and more!


General Information

TypeZoneSpawn TimerExpansion



2 – 8 hours


To get to Dormus you will have to click on the right Mysterious Camel Figurine in Uldum.

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Image Credit: Cymre Jones

Spawn Points

To use the following macro you will need Paste and TomTom.

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/way Uldum 50.47 31.54/way Uldum 52.23 28.04/way Uldum 45.24 16.04/way Uldum 34.32 19.63/way Uldum 34.38 21.27/way Uldum 33.68 25.38/way Uldum 33.23 28.09/way Uldum 29.90 24.90/way Uldum 29.85 20.45/way Uldum 31.96 45.29/way Uldum 32.73 47.63/way Uldum 25.40 51.07/way Uldum 24.44 59.96/way Uldum 22.09 64.06/way Uldum 25.59 65.89/way Uldum 26.27 65.09/way Uldum 28.51 63.74/way Uldum 30.42 62.67/way Uldum 30.61 60.50/way Uldum 33.08 60.13/way Uldum 33.20 62.83/way Uldum 30.99 66.37/way Uldum 30.98 67.52/way Uldum 31.50 69.26/way Uldum 33.21 72.04/way Uldum 33.27 67.78/way Uldum 37.13 64.08/way Uldum 38.28 60.70/way Uldum 38.49 54.93/way Uldum 40.84 49.75/way Uldum 39.97 45.00/way Uldum 40.10 43.40/way Uldum 40.16 38.41/way Uldum 46.25 44.58/way Uldum 48.17 46.40/way Uldum 51.80 49.34/way Uldum 51.03 50.80/way Uldum 50.48 50.65/way Uldum 51.47 51.16/way Uldum 52.14 51.21/way Uldum 51.92 70.81/way Uldum 50.42 72.22/way Uldum 50.24 73.67/way Uldum 49.13 75.91/way Uldum 47.28 76.69/way Uldum 51.14 79.79/way Uldum 73.44 73.61/way Uldum 69.87 58.13/way Uldum 72.02 43.88/way Uldum 64.66 30.27


Recommended Addons

Useful Macros

If you”re not using the Camel Spotter addon then you should use the following macro to enable friendly nameplates and set the view distance to the max possible distance.

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/run SetCVar(“nameplateMaxDistance”,100)/run SetCVar(“nameplateShowAll”,1)/run SetCVar(“nameplateShowFriends”,1)/run SetCVar(“nameplateShowFriendlyNPCs”,1)

Finding Groups

Unfortunately the Grey Riding Camel is no longer shareable between multiple people.

However you can join the WoW Secret Finding Discord and get the Grey Riding Camel role by clicking on the Camel emoji under the “Rare Mounts” row in the #get-a-role channel. This way you get notified whenever people want to give away a Mysterious Camel Figurine that they”ve found in Uldum.

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