How To Get Chiseled Stone In Minecraft Recipe, How To Make Chiseled Stone Bricks In Minecraft

As of Minecraft 1.8, yes it is possible to craft Chiseled Stone Bricks with the following crafting recipe:



No, they can not be crafted. Look in jungle temples though, and there are chiseled stone bricks there that you can use to build.

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You can find them in these. You can”t craft them so the only other way is to get a mod that allows you to craft them.




Stone Brick is craftable with 4 Stone blocks, the 3 variants of Stone Brick (Cracked, Mossy, and Chiseled) are not craftable but can be located in Jungle Temples as of 1.3.1.

In addition, there are only 3 Chiseled Stone Bricks in each Jungle Temple making them a rather rare block.


Sorry, but you can not craft chiseled stone bricks.Neither can you craft mossy or cracked stone bricks. You may find all of these in jungle temples (updated in 1.3.1), but jungle temples aren”t the easiest to find… best to either stick with the normal stone bricks, or get a mod or plugin that allows you to craft these differing stone bricks.

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In Minecraft 1.8 they are making it so that you can craft chisled stone bricks. You just put 2 stone brick slabs together on top of each other. Hope i helped! 😀

How you craft them is you need two stone slabs. I am not sure if you can do this in 1.7. but im pretty sure you can do this in 1.8

I hope i helped 🙂

You can”t craft them but you can find them in Jungle Temples or if you are on the PC Version you can switch cheats on and type in /gamemode 1 which is basically saying you want to change your mode to creative and you can have an unlimited supply of it.


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