How To Get Cobalt Minecraft, What Can Mine Ardite And Cobalt

Per the title, I made a steel pick. It says mining level is obsidian. When I find Cobalt Ore in the Nether, it says Mining Level 4 required and it can't be mined. As far as I know from how this all used to work and what little I've found on a search, Steel should be good enough to mine Cobalt. Is this a bug or do I need something else?


You need an obsidian or aluminite head or upgrade kit. Actually, i don't think aluminite is in this pack so obsidian it is.

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Alrighty. Obsidian it is. All that lovely steel I made will get shoved into a cupboard somewhere I guess. Thank you for the answer.

Shouldn't steel be mining level cobalt then? Based on responses here and further digging, it seems like that's the oddball thing here. It's a pick with a wood rod, steel head, silver binding, diamond and lapis modifiers. I'm totally open to the idea that I did something stupid somewhere along the line, but the older cheat sheets and wiki (because I can't find newer) say that Steel is mining level cobalt. And if it's not, then the only thing that can mine cobalt and ardite are cobalt and ardite, which makes it impossible unless you get the cobalt through some other means. I can't tell if this is an accident or a part of the pack design that's not clear to me.

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The wiki I fount that says steel can mine cobalt also says its for 1.7, so that may well be out of date. SF3 is 1.10 and SF4 is 1.12. I couldn't quickly/easily find a wiki for latest TC to look up mining levels. But if the game says steel is obsidian level then it's not hard enough for cobalt level. You need something harder.

Mining level refers to the top level the tool CAN mine and not the material of the tool itself. This is evident in the fact that Wooden Pickaxes are level “Stone”, Iron are “Diamond”, and Diamond is “Obsidian”. Steel, is thereby the same mining level as diamond.

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Important note: Mining level is changeable by mod pack devs, so just because a certain material pickaxe can mine something doesn't necessarily mean that it can in every pack.


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