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If players have ever played on a Minecraft server before, it is possible that they are already familiar with commands. Commands are advanced features that are activated by typing specific strings of text.

These functions are entered via the chat menu, and players can use them to complete an action without having to navigate around the map! For example, players can enter a command such as “/tp <player> <target>” to teleport another player.

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Players may find commands very useful on a Minecraft server. For console, the chat menu is opened by pressing right on the D-pad. This is where players will type in their commands.

In this article, players will learn the top 5 commands that are needed to know when creating a server in Minecraft!

5 Minecraft commands that players should know when creating a server!

1) /tp

Teleport Command (Image via Minecraft)

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/Tp is one of the most beneficial commands that players can have when creating a server in Minecraft! This command is what players would use to teleport. Players can use this command to teleport themselves, objects, or other players.

2) /give

Give command (Image via Minecraft)

The give command is probably the most important facet for players to have when playing in a Minecraft server. This command allows them to give items to other players.

The player will not have to travel to the other one to transport items to them. Using this command, the other player can be all the way across the map, but still receive items from the command.

3) /item

(Image via Minecraft)

This command allows players to manipulate items in their inventory. This is a great command for players to know. They can use this command to rack up items in their inventory without having to take the time to go get them.

Players can even use this command to manipulate entities too.

4) /summon

Summon Command (Image via Minecraft)

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Players will be able to use this command to summon other entities. If players for any reason need to summon a mob, this command is what they would use to do so.

If the player is in a PvP battle and they need another helping hand, they can spawn a creeper on the other person and blow them up!

5) /kick

Kick command (Image via ForgeLogical on Youtube)

If the admin is just really tired of other players, or if they are being toxic, this is the perfect command to use. This command will kick other players off the server and remove them from the game.

This command is really important for admins to know so they can keep the game a fun and peaceful place for players.

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