How To Get Cracked Egg Wow

Has to be said that I have always been way more into pets than mounts (I only have 198 mounts so far and about 716 companions). But anyway, I do have a few and today we are travelling back in time to WOTLK to talk about the:

GREEN PROTO-DRAKE :dragon_face:



Taught by: Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

Type: Purchasable Item

Contained in: Mysterious Egg (hatches in 3 days)

Where: Rainspeaker Canopy, Sholazar Basin, Northrend

Vendor: Geen

Faction: The Oracles

Reputaion: Revered

Drop rate: 5% (RNG)

Flyes: yes

How to: Firstly and most importantly you need to hit Revered with the Oracles Faction as you have to purchase an item called Mysterious Egg which is only available to Revered players (of course this is if you have decided to pursue rep with the Oracles and not the Frenzyheart Tribe).

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The Oracles camp “Rainspeaker Canopy” is situated in Sholazar Basin just north-east of the River” s Heart lake.



It is important to clarify the factions situation, especially if you are new to the game or you haven”t done any rep with them before:

There are 2 tribes that dislike each other, the FRENZYHEART and the ORACLES, you are able to decide which faction you wanna go with after a quest chain that starts by killing a mob called Pitch, located at 50, 70.


After you have killed it (or someone else does) the NPC nearby will have a quest for you. Pick up the quest and start the chain. At the end of it you will get to choose the faction, if you want a chance to drop the mount or some pets, then go with THE ORACLES. :+1:

That being said, after the chain you should already be Honored and you will get to do 3 daily quests each day. This is the only way to gain reputation.

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As soon as you”re Revered the NPC called Geen will have a Mysterious Egg for you to buy (2.55 gold :currency_exchange: ).



In 3 days time the egg will become a Cracked Egg that you can open while praying you”ll get the mount! Apparently the drop rate has been raised and the hatching time reduced from 7 to 3 days (damn Blizzard :grimacing: ).

The mount has a 5% chance of dropping, but of course and as usual RNG :arrow_left: .

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You can also drop a few companions instead:

Cobra Hatchling

Tickbird Hatchling

White Tickbird Hatchling

Proto-Drake Whelp

Or some useless Aged Yolk.

My experience: well, my experience was tons of Cobras and Tickbirds for months and months, it took me so long to drop my drake and I used to do it every week, I seriously hated it cause although it is literally just a matter of buying an item, those 7 days of waiting and hoping and then just dropping a damn (and ugly lol) white bird were pure pain!

So here”s the guide for today, let me know about your experiences with the Green Proto-Drake if you got it and of course good luck to anyone who is willing to give it a go!

Again, I will see you soon with a new guide!

Have a lovely afternoon/evening/day everyone and thanks for checking up my guides!

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