(Already Answered) How To Get Custom Heads In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Add Custom Player Heads To wtbblue.com so we can just enter in a command with a URL and download the texture for any customplayer head we that we want and let us add as many as we would like this would be helpfulfor creating custom adventure maps and maps for the wtbblue.com Marketplace content creators please take a look at this and implement this so we can add this awesome new feature to wtbblue.com Bedrock.

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I was about to comment this exact thing. I was trying to make a Pokemon map, but it requires at least 152 heads before I can even start making buildings and NPCs. It”s really annoying that the only way to get custom heads is with custom texture packs (which I couldn”t use anyway, since I play on Xbox, not Mobile), where you can only replace the vanilla heads. I”d love to see this added.

No! Absolutely no!First, a feature similar to this is already possible by hardcoding the texture into the item. Not going to explain how, just search the internet. (I”m lazy and tired).

Second, URLs? No! You could technically force a client to download a file without asking player to download it! Just do /give and boom! Virus downloaded on the target! Infected PNG files are a thing already.

Also, it would not be easy to implement, because it would take really time to get it work.

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It just won”t fit the game, and is not a good idea in my opinion.

If you imagine it, how would the game access URL s through the Bedrock versions of the game. I mean Java Edition is pretty much till some point open source, and it is more easy to implement this.I would like this feature and would be surprised to see it actually be implemented

It”s already in/give playerhead I don”t remember exactly but it was something like this

Player skulls in general should be added. The ability to customise them in pure vanilla and obtain the MHF skulls is extremely useful.

Would love to see that in the game….. Because map makers would have a great day using them and gives multiplayer much more feel to it. Please add those to the base game…

This is absolutely needed and is already in Java.As for UserTeemu”s comment:Custom texture packs aren”t enough. I want more than 6 heads. If they gave us the ability to have more than 6 heads, where I could add as many heads as I want, then a custom texture pack would work and be better than a URL.

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As for URLs, while not impossible, the threat is probably low if you use a legitimate source for your URLs. If you are using a map, you can review the world and its add ons using the Windows 10 to see if there is anything harmful if you do not trust it. Instead of banning it outright, I would say, add it in and maybe have it where the player has to give the map permission to access the file? Or where you can opt out to any link usage? Maybe there can be warnings on the marketplace page of the permissions required to run the world? Idk, these are all things that are already on Java that so far, haven”t been too much of an issue. I think the risk is low.

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