how to get dark iron dwarf heritage armor

The Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race is a playable race unlocked in Battle for Azeroth. In this Allied Race guide, we”ll cover how to unlock the Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race, their available classes, racial abilities and passives, how to earn the Heritage Armor and mount, and all of their unique customization options and emotes.

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The Mountain gives us life, grants us strength. The same blood that flows through our veins… flows through Azeroth”s as well. Upon hammer and anvil our kindom was forged. With hearts o” fire and wills o” iron. This world must be defended. Forward, Dark Irons! Tae battle we march!

–Moira Thaurissan

Unlocking Dark Iron Dwarves

The requirements for unlocking the Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race are as follows:
Ready for War Achievement: this achievement requires players to complete the first step of the Alliance War Campaign.

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Learn how to complete each step in our War Campaign Guide.Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf: You must then complete a special recruitment scenario, demonstrating why the Dark Iron Dwarves join the Alliance.
You have now earned the Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf achievement, will receive Tabard of the Dark Iron and Dark Iron Core Hound, and can create your own Dark Iron Dwarf.

Not sure what achievement criteria you have left for this Allied Race? Simply go to the BFA attunement tracker, hit Load Character, enter in character info, and see what you still have to complete!

Classes Available to Dark Iron Dwarves

Dark Iron Dwarves can choose the following classes:
Death Knight: Tank or Melee Plate DPS (Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)Hunter: Melee or Ranged Mail DPSHunter Starting Pet: Blazehound
Mage: Ranged Cloth DPS
Monk: Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS
Paladin: Tank, Healer, or Melee Plate DPS
Paladin Mount: Summon Darkforge Ram
Priest: Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS
Rogue: Melee Leather DPS
Shaman: Healer, Melee or Ranged Mail DPS
Warlock: Ranged Cloth DPS
Warrior: Tank or Melee Plate DPS

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Dark Iron Hunter Starting Pet

Blazehound, part of the Dog family, is the starting pet for level 20 Dark Iron Dwarf hunters. It has a unique appearance with fiery effects.

Dark Iron Paladin Mount

The Paladin mount for Dark Iron Paladins is a special ram: Summon Darkforge Ram

Dark Iron Shaman Totems

Dark Iron Shaman totems represent miniature anvils.

Dark Iron Dwarf Racial Traits

The Dark Iron Dwarf Racial Traits are:
Fireblood: Removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects and increases your primary stat by 600 for each effect removed. Lasts 8 sec. 2 min cooldown.Mole Machine: While outdoors, summon a Mole Machine that tunnels through the earth.Racial Passives:
Dungeon Delver: While indoors, move 4% faster.Forged in Flames: Reduces damage taken from Physical attacks by 1%.Mass Production: Increases Blacksmithing skill by 5 and Blacksmithing speed by 25%.

The Mole Machine racial has been one of the most interesting aspects of the upcoming Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race. It has been discovered that, along with the mole machine transporting you to Stormwind, Ironforge and their starting area in Shadowforge City, there are many locations around Azeroth (and other worlds!) with Mole Machines that you can add to your racial destinations!

Click on Spoiler to reveal all the locations and coordinates for Mole Machine. If you have TomTom and Paste you can also use the following macro to add the locations on your map.

/way The Hinterlands 13.44, 46.72
/way Blackrock Mountain 33.23, 25.10
/way Blasted Lands 62.00, 12.81
/way Un”Goro Crater 52.95, 55.92
/way Southern Barrens 39.10, 9.32
/way Mount Hyjal 57.20, 77.10
/way Blade”s Edge Mountains 72.49, 17.63
/way Shadowmoon valley:Outland 50.75, 35.29
/way Icecrown 77.00, 18.67
/way Dragonblight 45.32, 49.90
/way Valley of the Four Winds 31.49, 73.61
/way Kun-Lai Summit 57.70, 62.81
/way Gorgrond 46.69, 38.69
/way Nagrand:Draenor 65.76, 8.27
/way Highmountain:Broken Isles 44.66, 72.90
/way Broken Shore:Broken Isles 71.73, 48.06

The teleport to Ironforge teleports you right outside the Dwarven capital, at the graveyard close to the entrance.

The teleport to Stormwind teleports you right in the center of the Dwarven District, next to the Blacksmith table.

Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor Set

You will earn the Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor set by reaching level 50 without a character boost. This will reward Dark Iron Heritage Armor and the Heritage of the Dark Iron Feat of Strength. These items can only be transmogged by Dark Iron Dwarf characters.

There are a few things that will prevent you from receiving your heritage armor set, so be sure not to use any of the following as you level your Dark Iron Dwarf:

Character Boost tokens Faction or Race changing your Allied character Leveling up using Recruit a Friend in-Game levels

These sets are cosmetic, meaning they can be transmogged onto any Cloth, Leather, Mail, or Plate the Dark Iron Dwarf character is using. Other races cannot use the Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor Set.

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