How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Clothes, How To Remove Fiberglass From Clothing

I apologize if this doesnt belong here, but I figured it was my best bet with as many builders and construction workers are exposed to Fiberglass. So recently I had a lot of fiberglass get all over a set of clothes. Foolishly I washed them with the rest of my clothes and now everything is covered and unbearable to put on for more than 2 seconds. Any tips to getting it out so I don't have to buy new clothes.

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Sticky lint roller aka duct tape wraped around your hand with the adhesive side out, hit every part inside and out especially seams. Then tumble dry no heat and repeat.

Its worked well for me

I've never had this problem personally but I would be looking at using an air compressor and pistol attachment outdoors and blasting the clothing trying to dislodge the fibers.

Tumble dry low and lint rollers as others have recommended also seems like a solid strategy.

Worst case scenario the whole basket gets ceremoniously burned in a fire as I pray that I never have to work with fiberglass again.

This is me every night after work!

Wash the clothes again on a cold cycle with wash liquid. Repeat again with no washing liquid. Then the most important step is the dryer, helps suck all the leftover fibers out.

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My go to trick has always been tumble dry no heat and throw a set of pantyhose/stockings in there. Everything will stick to the pantyhose. It’s weird but it works!

Is it just me, or are some people just not affected as bad? I get the nastiest cough ever for a half day after being in an attic which I attribute to dust, but if I wash my arms and hands, I feel minimal itching. Certainly it doesn’t spread to other materials.

Likewise.. i wear a mask and longsleeves whenever im near the stuff, but a little on the skin never bothered as long as i wash it off. Certainly never had problems with other clothes being contaminated in the wash though..

You just get used to it. it's easy to forget how things were much different when we started the trades and alot of things bothered us more in the beginning.

I've been in the same boat and just thrown out a few sets of clothes, although I didn't contaminate a whole wash, I'd be a bit shirty if I did.

Along with the other suggestions for rewashing, make sure you're keeping the loads kind of small. You want plenty of water swooshing through the clothes.

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It’s the bending and sitting on my feet more than the direct pressure, but pads do help. Hardhats are great when standing vertical but lying horizontal?


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