Hey How To Get Frost Walker Minecraft, How To Get Frost Walker In Minecraft

So I know that Frost Walker is hard to get, but I really want the achievement for Xbox One (Bedrock). Is there any easy way to find them or is it a random trade with Librarian villagers? Here's a trade chart to help.

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Afk fish farm. 1 overnight session gets you at least 5 books if you have the storage. I am not sure if you can afk fish farm on xbox bedrock though.


It's randomly generated as a trade for Librarians, and it does tend to be quite rare. Best way to find it is breed a whole ton of villagers until one pops up, it may take a while but once you've got one make sure to put him somewhere safe and you've got all the books you'll need.

Keep in mind that you can combine books on an anvil too, so if you find a librarian with Frost Walker I, you can buy two and combine them to create a Frost Walker II book. It will make the item more expensive in terms of XP to create, but it's better than nothing. (Edit – or is this one of the enchants that only exists as a Level II? I can't remember now and the wiki doesn't say)

Even if you can’t AFK fish in bedrock, if fish farms work it’s probably faster to just sit there and hold the button until you get Frost Walker than to breed villagers until you get a librarian that has it.

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If you have a skeleton spawner in your world you can make an extremely efficient farm to trade with librarians quickly, but other than that fishing with luck of the sea is probably your best bet.

If you're thinking long term, it would absolutely be worth building a villager trading system. Having on-demand access to all enchantments is incredible, plus diamond equipment of course.

If you just want one book, AFK fish

Not very reliable, but I managed to fish one on the Switch version (Bedrock) last night. I'd been leading a horse and a donkey with a carrot (I didn't have a lead) across swamps/forests/deserts/snowy mountains, you name it, and just had to cross an ocean to get back home. I was fishing in it for a full night, wondering how to get us across, when lo and behold there's an enchanted book for Frostwalker II on my hook.

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I dunno, maybe I was just really lucky, but if you have the luck of the sea enchantment it's probably only a matter of time (I was using a fishing rod with the unbreaking enchantment only).

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