how to get god armor minecraft

God Armor

A helmet with all four protections.

Versions Obtainable Start Version 19w02a End Version 1.14.3 Pre-Release 2

From 19w02a (1.14 snapshot) to 1.14.3 Pre-Release 2, multiple types of normally incompatible protections could be applied to armor, this exploit is commonly known as “God Armor”. Regular protection, fire protection, blast protection, and projectile protection could be on the same armor piece during this version range. The armor was obtainable through books, villagers, enchanting table, and other methods. Villagers that give multiple protection armor can be upgraded into later versions and continue to give the god armor. The multiple types of protection can be applied to leather, gold, chainmail, iron, and diamond armor along with the enchanted book. If the armor is updated, newer enchants such as soul speed can be added onto it. Additionally, diamond armor can be upgraded into netherite armor in versions 20w10a (1.16 snapshot) and later.


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Obtaining Armor < edit>

Enchanting Table < edit>

Most simply, god armor can be obtained by simply using the enchantment table. Unlike the anvil, this will not increase repair cost. There are many combinations possible but because of the 30 level limit certain combinations can never be gotten directly from the table as they are too expensive.

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Anvil < edit>

Anvils are the most direct method of applying enchantments. The anvil with the armor piece in the left slot and the desire enchantments on another identical armor piece or enchanted book allows the most control. The order of enchantments cannot be changed later, meaning there are many unique discontinued enchantment orders. The anvil will result in repair cost, in order to get all the enchantments on boots or helmets repair cost minimization should be used by creating a combination tree (see Gnembon Tutorial).

Trading < edit>

Main article: Multiple Protection Armor Trade

The god armor trade can be obtained to give unlimited god armor in future versions. The 1.14+ Armorer could give every type of diamond armor. Pre-1.14 villagers could also give leather chest plates. The enchantments are equivalent to a 5-19 level enchantment in an enchating table.

Chest Loot < edit>

God armor can be found in shipwreck and end city chests. The types possible are:

Leather Armor in Shipwreck Iron Armor in End City Diamond Armor in End City

For the shipwreck, all enchantments are equally possible. For the end city enchantment probabilities are the same as a level 20 to level 39 enchantment would be on an enchantment table that had no cap at level 30, and that was able to apply treasure enchantments and where the chance of multiple enchantments is not reduced.

Mob Armor < edit>

Skeletons and zombies can spawn wearing armor with enchantments from level 5 to 22 in an enchanting table. The armor can be kept on the mob which can be uncreatable in later version if it has a CanPickUpLoot value of 0. Although, to prove the mob is wearing god armor it is indirectly observable and involves causing enough damage that the mob normally would not be able to survive. The mob can be killed and has a chance of dropping the god armor, higher with looting.

Obtaining Enchanted Book < edit>

Enchanting Table < edit>

The enchanting table can make a book into an enchanted book with multiple protections. The enchantability of an enchanted book is only 1 so the possible protections that can be obtained are at very low levels.

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Anvil < edit>

The anvil can be used to combine books with different protections. There are many possibilities for the order of enchantments that can be added and the other enchantments that can be added onto the protections.

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The anvil will increase the repair cost of the enchanted book. Using a tree structure to combine the books can minimize this repair cost (see Gnembon Tutorial).

Chest Loot < edit>

Enchanted book can be found in many structures but usually, they only use the random enchant function. Two structures” loot uses a 30 level enchant: jungle temple and stronghold. The jungle temple can have the enchanted book in the hidden or trapped chest. The stronghold can have it inside the altar, library, or storeroom chest but is most likely to be found in a library chest.

Fishing < edit>

An enchanted book can be caught with a fishing rod.[1] The enchantments on the book the same as a level 30 enchantment on an enchanting table, but the chance of multiple enchantments is not reduced. These can also include treasure enchantments that are unavailable via an enchanting table. This can give multiple types of protections sometimes.

Images < edit>

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